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The Most Viewed 1WineDude Articles Of 2013

Vinted on December 31, 2013 binned in about 1winedude blog

Heading into tomorrow’s inevitable ugly, I-want-to-rip-out-my-own-skull painful hangover, we’re going to take a quick look back on 1WD for 2013, get pensive and reflective for a few moments, and then get back to drinking.

And so this year, we change up that retrospective look yet again (in 2012, I went with the Ten Most Shared 1WD articles, and in 2011 the Ten Most “Popular” as measured by comment count). For 2013, I decided to go with the ten most viewed articles, which exposes what you non-commenting, non-social-media-sharing lurkers are looking at when you peruse 1WD (hey, Dude don’t judge). And, of course, this is really just, like, Google’s opinion, man; I’m not saying that these are the best 1WD articles of the year, they’re probably just the ones with the most SEO and eye-catching headlines, after all. But they weren’t some kind of visitor trap, at least not according to Google: the #2 and #1 slots had astonishingly high average times for readers spent viewing them, which is probably a function of me writing sh*t that’s just way, way too long.

Here they are, the Ten Most Viewed 1WD Articles of 2013, in ascending order of viewer-ing (sp?)…

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100 Articles Later (December 2013 Roundup)

Vinted on December 24, 2013 binned in about 1winedude blog, holidays, wine books

It’s hard for me to believe, but since I started my gig as the wine dude in the Spring I’ve penned 100 articles for the category (yes, it’s a paying gig; no, I’m not part of their recently announced guest blogger program).

So far, it’s been… well, great, actually.

I’ve been able to find a perfect outlet for product/accessory reviews and wine book reviews on, as well as a means to offer beginner-style advice that otherwise here on 1WD might get flamed to a black, ashy crisp suitable for high-tasted barrel staves by you geeky people (and I love you for that!).

And so today I write not just as a round-up of some of the December 2013 wine articles, but find myself reflecting on the past 100 articles and the several months I’ve spent authoring content for gig that are now under my thick black Santa-style Christmas belt. The short version of that reflection is that I’m enjoying the hell out of it, and as far as freelancing “day jobs” go, this one is rockin’ like Dokken (do they have a Christmas album?).

Anyway… here are a few of the December 2013 entries for you to peruse before your holiday libations have you too drunk to read any more…

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Did We Just Win A Battle In “The War Over Wine?”

Vinted on October 15, 2013 binned in about 1winedude blog, commentary, wine news

This is the kind of thing that probably gives major wine critics apoplexy.

James Conaway, the talented writer and author of the excellent novel-with-a-wine-soaked-plot Nose, recently penned an article for Worth titled The War Over Wine. It’s cogent, well-conceived, deftly written and fiercely opinionated. In other words, it’s the kind of writing that fills borderline-hacks like me with a burning jealous rage hot enough to turn our faces the shade of a slightly aged Moulin-a-Vent.

Now, normally I don’t pat attention to Worth, mostly because I do not need reading material to fill my time below deck while my yacht is piloted to my own private dessert (whoops!) desert island. Just perusing the website is like stumbling upon the remains of some lost civilization that used the same words we do to communicate, but put them in sequences that no longer have any meaning for us. It’s how Shakespeare appears to the high school student, or how Wine & Spirits appears to mortal wine drinkers, or how Umberto Eco appears to everyone who can read.

Seriously, topics can be found there such as Mutual Fund Strategies in the Aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crisis, the ever-popular Where Is the Best Opportunity in the High-End Luxury Space?, and my personal favorite, 10 Questions for Your Chief Innovation Officer (‘cuz I only had eight questions for mine, so I am clearly a 99-percenter slacker!)

Anyway… Conaway’s piece seems somewhat out of place in Worth in that context, but it’s the kind of article that makes me want to take up arms and shout from the rooftops, in the hope that it’s less a tempest-in-a-teapot and more a topical-sh*tstorm-about-to-explode (as The Tick might have shouted, “from the mighty butt checks of wine media justice!”)…

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The Punch Down Wine Show Episode One Is Coming (With Guest Eric Asimov, December 4th 1PM ET!)

Vinted on November 27, 2012 binned in about 1winedude blog, The Punch Down

I’m really excited to share with you all the launch of The Punch Down!

For the last few months, I’ve been working with London-based wine educator and author Tara O’Leary on the concept of a video wine show idea that I’ve had brewing in my noggin’ for a loooong time. I’m stoked to be able to tell you that idea is finally coming to life, and thrilled that Tara is joining me as co-host! It took a lot of work by her, my hardworking intern The Young Unpaid Shelby, and even a few of the helpful tech-heads at Google (on both the Left and Right coasts), and we are now ready to step on the gas on this thing.

Our inaugural guest:

The first episode of The Punch Down is airing live on the Google+ platform on December 4th at 1PM ET. We’d love for you to join us live with NYT wine guru Eric Asimov, who has kindly agreed to be put on the hot seat to discuss the more controversial side of his new book, the thought-provoking How To Love Wine.

What the hell this is all about:

Put simply, The Punch Down is like an ESPN sorts talk show, but instead of getting into heated debate and discussion about ground-out rules, penalty time, or pass interference calls, we’re going to dive deep into the geekiness of wine topics. Each episode, we’ll have a prominent wine personality as our guest, and will get right into the meaty topics, followed by a quick run down (and Op/Ed style commentary, of course) on noteworthy developments in the wine world. We’re focusing on the controversial stuff here – this is not a show that will be coddling to wanna-bes!

We’re using the G+ Hangout format for the show, which creates a sort of round-table video discussion (for an example, check out the G+ Hangout I did earlier this year with Andrea Robinson). Personally, I think the G+ platform is perfect for this style of lively wine talk, and the Google team has been downright awesome in helping us get this off the ground. Combine the platform, the subject matter, the style of the show, and the fact that we’re co-hosting live with Tara and me separated by the entire Atlantic Ocean, and I think we might have an Internet first here (or at least we’re closer to the cutting edge than we are away from it!).

How to join in:

You’ll be able to hit us up with questions, peanut-gallery commentary, and the like during the event by joining us at on Dec. 4. You can also hit us up with questions for Eric on twitter using the hastag #thepunchdown as well as through email (thepunchdown @ You are of course also welcome to leave comments here on this post with any questions, suggestions, and ideas. Finished episodes will also be posted to TPD  G+ page and YouTube channel (and embedded back here on good ol’ 1WD as well). You know, just in case you do the totally unthinkable and actually miss our first episode (c’mon, you weren’t going to do any work for those 30 minutes on the 4th anyway, were you???).

I’m all jazzed up about this! I hope that you can join us!





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