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You’re welcome.

No, seriously, you’re going to thank me later. Because my latest for, titled How to Avoid a Hangover, is now live, and reading it just might save you some future pain.

What I found most fascinating in researching our collective attempts at trying to both prevent and stem the effects of hangovers is that, despite some heroic scientific efforts, we have moved the bar very little distance on the matter over the last one hundred years or so.

That apparent lack of progress isn’t attributable to poor science so much as it is the work of evil spirits bent on causing us pain and suffering. Er, actually, it’s a reflection of the complex chemical processes involved when our bodies imbibe (and imbibe, and imbibe, and imbibe…) and process alcohol. If, as Socrates supposedly said, true knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing, then we are inching closer to True Knowledge when it comes to hangovers.

Anyway,’s excellent visual take on the results of my research are available below after the jump. Just in time for the weekend…







  • Adam

    Joe, as a pharmacist and wine lover, The’s infographic on “low blood sugar” is completely wrong and potentially dangerous. Rosiglitazone (aka Avandia) is an anti-diabetic prescription medication that further lowers blood sugar as an insulin sensitizer. Let’s leave prescription drug recommendations to the medical professionals.

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks for pointing that out, Adam! I would certainly defer to your expertise on that one. Apart from Ibuprofen, my write-up in the article did not include any drug recommendations.

    • 1WineDude

      Adam, forgot to mention, I will circle back with them and relay your concerns. Thanks again!

  • Bob Henry

    Check out this tout from Jancis Robinson:

    • 1WineDude

      Bob – thanks for that link… interesting… so long as it isn’t actual milk (I am lactose intolerant) ;-)

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