Winners Of The ZAP 2012 Giveaway Announced (Along With The Zins Now On My Review List)!

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You people sure do like your ZAP. Or you sure do like your Zinfandel. Or both, probably.

Between the comments, retweets, Facebook Likes, e-mails, and other versions of time-sucking on-line virtual social water-cooler spots, my giveaway of tickets to some of the ZAP 2012 events generated a few hundred reactions (with over 100 coming in the form of comments alone). That is, by far, the the biggest response to a giveaway in 1WD history! A huge THANK YOU to all of you who made the giveaway so awesome – a special shout-out to reader Leilani Carrara who put us over the 100 comment mark, and in doing so was awarded an impromptu prize (in the form of a free copy of the Tasting Guide ebook).

For those who have been playing along at home, you know that the giveaway also determined at least two Zinfandels that I will now be on the hook to review – not necessarily an easy task, since I live in the Communistwealth of PA and so do not necessarily have easy access to the wines demanded by the giveaway winners (attention PR folk: if you have samples of any of these winners, I’m willing to talk!).

And so… the winners of tix for two to a pair of way-cool ZAP 2012 events… aaaaaand their Zin picks, which I now need to get my grubby little hands on to review, are…

1) Fred Aliano

“I’d like to see a review of ANY Zinfandel from my favorite Russian River Valley Vineyard – Ponzo Likely suspects are Ridge, Pendleton, Hart’s Desire.”

2) Martin Dredmond

Dashe Cellars Les Enfants Terribles McFadden Farm Zin”

At least Fred was kind enough to give me options (thanks, dude!). Martin – as for you, well… you kind of screwed me, because only something like 180 cases of that Dasche Zinfandel are made every year… so that one is gonna take some work (“thanks,” Martin…).

Gentlemen – enjoy ZAP 2012! You will be contacted in the coming days regarding how to redeem your tickets (that will come via the email addresses you used to post your winning comments). When you hit EPICURIA, say hi to my buddy Tony (he’s the chef behind “A Chef For You” creating the pairing for Lodi’s St. Amant Winery Zin).






  • Joel Ohmart

    The Dude abides!

    Somewhat long time reader first time commenter. I LOVE what you are doing here, and fully support your style and mentality toward wine and wine "journalism" in general. I also happen to be the Assistant Winemaker at St. Amant Winery and would like to thank you for showing us a little virtual love (in the least offensive way possible mind you). Tony has been a long time friend of the winery and we have been fortunate enough to have our wine poured with his sumptuous creations. I realize this may sound contrite and oddly self serving, but if you ever find yourself in the Lodi area please feel free to drop by and visit our humble vinous abode. I would honestly like to shake your hand at the very least, for since Gary stopped doing the video wine blogging thing I have taken solace in your virtual pages. Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday.

    ~Joel, St. Amant Winery

    • 1WineDude

      Joel – thanks, very kind of you! I will be in Lodi in Feb. and just might take you up on that invite if I have time. Tell Tony I said hi – he is awesome!

      • Joel Ohmart

        You are more than welcome, come by anytime. I will tell tony you said hi!

  • Soma Sengupta

    thanks fo r the article

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Soma.

  • Martin Redmond

    Score! Thanks Joe! I'm sure a man of your stature can swing a sample from Dashe…but I'll put in a good word for you with their wine club manager Errin. I'll have to change my comment login…it's Martin D. Redmond….

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Martin. I've discovered that I *do* have Dasche samples, just not that exact Zin. If you're ok with me featuring their other Zins and the Grenache from the same vineyard, can we call it a deal? Cheers!

    • 1WineDude

      Also, let's not talk "stature" here… I am like 5'5"… ;-)

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