Wine Humor: Doug Pike’s “Gone With The Wine”

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I was recently contacted by Doug Pike, the cartoonist whose wine-related humor has been published on the subscription-only portion of for about four years now.  Doug has released a collection titled Gone With The Wine, which pulls together about 100 of the cartoons that appeared on Parker’s website (Parker supplies the book’s foreword).

Doug came across via my recent contribution to CNBC’s Wines for the Holidays, and has become a fan “mostly because of your non-elitist approach to wine, which I share.”  Amen to that, brother!

Doug was kind enough to send a review copy of Gone With The Wine and also give permission for me to post some of the cartoons from the book.  While some of the cartoons are clearly geared towards the fine-wine-loving crowd that have made Parker a household name, I found myself chuckling more often than not at the fun being poked at wine geeks (myself included among those ranks) throughout Gone With The Wine

The cold hard truth is that we really are that goofy – and long may we remain that goofy, so long as we take the wine – but not ourselves – seriously.

A few samples of Doug’s work appear below, with his permission – enjoy!…





(images: courtesy of Doug Pike, with permission)





  • Dale Cruse

    Finally! An online cartoon about wine that's actually funny!

  • 1WineDude

    Ahhh… you couldn't resist!

  • Winebuff

    My reaction to Gewurtztraminer too.

  • @nectarwine

    Cool – thanks for sharing! Also, congrats on the CNBC gig. I can't believe I missed it.

  • 1WineDude

    Ah, I love the stuff. I even like to say it. I'm a nerd.

  • 1WineDude


  • Richard Smith

    Joe…I hope you don’t mind a bit of shameless promotion but we offer custom labeled wine and wine labels featuring some of Doug’s work (including two of the images above). If any of your readers are interested, they can visit our site at Hope this post is not too brazenly commercial.

    • 1WineDude

      Well, technically it's a tie-in, so you're good. :-)

  • @SecondStomper

    Awesome! I always wondered what will go well with my wife's Chili, now I know! Uzi

  • @suburbanwino

    i'm a big fan of the sulfites one. that looks like the margins of my monday-meeting notepad.

  • 1WineDude

    There's a 'toon in the book that takes a fun poke at Parker and the 100pt rating system as well – I'm kind of wishing that Doug had given me that one to post as well.

  • vinogirl

    Great writing and suggesting Christmas gift ideas…do your talents know no bounds :)

    • 1WineDude

      Hey, I can't sew for sh*t…

  • 1winedude5036

    Are you pouring Latour with that chili? I'll be over at 8…

  • Richard Smith

    Thanks Joe…I appreciate it and your readers will love our product. Available at…..just kidding.

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