Weekly Wine Quiz: Go Patriotic, Go Muscadine?

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Welcome to the Weekly Wine Quiz! This week, we’re inspired in part by the insanity of the U.S. election activities, and so the quiz is going all patriotic and American on you. I think the quiz may get answered long before the results are in for the Presidential election tallies in Florida. But then, I might become a grandfather before that happens…

Standard disclaimer: I supply the quiz question, but *not* quiz answer right away. You supply your best guess as to that answer in the comments, and then tune back in later in the comments section for the 100% official answer.

Go Patriotic… Go Muscadine?

True or False: during Roosevelt’s first administration, the federal government entertained the idea of providing subsidies to plant muscadine vines in the Southern U.S., as a means of stirring economic growth by producing a cash crop for farmers and providing low-cost wine for sale?

  • A. True
  • B. False

Cheers, and good luck!

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  • JIm

    True, read that on Local Wine Events.

    • 1WineDude

      Jim – thanks. No cheating! ;-)

  • 1WineDude

    Alright you historical wussies! Here's your Official Wine Quiz Answer:

    A. True

    Entrepreneur Paul Garrett proposed such an idea when the Roosevelt staff sought input into ideas for boosting the then-depressed U.S. economy. The plan was given only a modest try, however, with a small amount of vines being planted int he early 1930s, after which the idea died on the vine due to lack of support and growing Dry opposition in Washington, D.C.

    See, even wine isn't immune to a political stalemate!

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