The Strangest Day Of My Life. So Far. (Almost Getting Bulldozed By Chef Emeril)

Vinted on June 28, 2012 binned in on the road, wine industry events

The most awesome among you who read these virtual pages regularly might recall my brief mention of an encounter with Emeril Lagasse (yes, that Emeril) and other surreal experiences involving live animals and The America’s Cup from Auction Napa Valley 2012 that, taken together, might have constituted the strangest day of my life.

I had promised that the full story would be revealed as the first entry in a new content-creation gig on which I was working, and I’m happy to tell you that article is now live over at

While I’ve only penned a couple of pieces for WT, I’m really excited about the gig because they’re backed by wine lovers who also happen to be the founders of 1-800-Flowers, and who have hired some ridiculously smart and talented people (myself excluded – just a hired gun of probably average intelligence here…!) to help them launch both their on-line property and what promises to be an amazing downtown Napa destination.

I’m including some photos below after the jump that didn’t make it into that first WT article, so that you can get a further glimpse into the madness of the day that spawned my travel monologue for them. Enjoy!…






  • @dctravel20


    The link to you WT article seems to be broken. Looking forward to reading it soon.

    Jake (dctravel20)

    • 1WineDude

      Doh! Ok will try to fix now! Thanks for letting me know.

  • Victoria A.

    Glad you survived! Napa resident and NOLA native here….I understand the extremely low likelihood of surviving a renegade brass band attack when you're hopped up on deliciously expensive fermented grape juice. Stay safe. You may not be so lucky next time…

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Victoria. I think the appropriate question now is, *how* is it that you understand that likelihood? Does this stuff just happen everyday to you people on Napa??!??? ;-)

  • Mike

    I remember when "Chef" weighed about a buck ten and every other word out of his mouth was "Bam!" My only question is this… did he almost say it when he went by you? :-)

    • 1WineDude

      Mike – no, but it would have made an appropriate sound effect if that encounter had ended less favorably!

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