The Second Glass Annual Wine Guide

Vinted on November 25, 2009 binned in wine publications

The Second Glass is kicking some ass.

The Boston-area stalwarts just released their Annual Wine Guide for 2010, and it’s an impressive ‘cheat sheet’ view of high QPR wine selections.

I’m not sure how they selected the wines that made the final cut to be highlighted in the buying guide, and not all of the selections are blow-your-mind good, but I’m impressed with some of the wines that were included (S.A. Prum Essence Riesling, anyone?).  The guide is organized by country / region, and you will learn a bit about the wine production and culture for each of the included countries, so it’s not just a list of budget-oriented wine picks.

I especially liked how they highlighted some of the value-producing and fast-improving regions of Spain (Jumilla, Yecla), didn’t shun Austria, and were bold enough to offer up Chenin Blanc recommendations from Clarksburg in California.  The guide finishes with the selections indexed by potential purpose (“Turkey Wine,” “Winter Warmer,” and my personal favorite, “Panty Remover.”)

All in all, it’s 40+ pages of wine goodness.

A printed copy will run you all of $2.00 – if you’re too cheap for that, you can browse the entire contents on-line.

Hats-off to the Second Glass team for this handy guide – they’ve outdone similar offerings that run for a hell of a lot more money.

Got a favorite wine guide?  Let’s hear about ‘em in the comments!







  • Steve Heimoff

    I always liked those Clarksburg Chenins. Distinctive. Just hope they're not an endangered species.

    • 1WineDude

      Good point – I fear they could be!

  • @suburbanwino

    I hear there's some guide called "How to Taste Like a Wine Geek" …top notch! :)

    • 1WineDude

      Never heard of it!


  • @hellovino

    The Hello Vino gang are HUGE fans of @TheSecondGlass – thnx for the heads up on this guide. Very cool.

    • 1WineDude

      They hit a home run with this one, I think.

  • Dale Cruse

    I'm proud to be affiliated with Tyler and the whole gang at The Second Glass!

    • 1WineDude

      I like how you got the plug for your writing in there… ;-)

      Happy Turkey Day!

      • Dale Cruse

        If I don't toot my own horn, who's gonna? Full disclosure: I had nothing to do with the terrific Second Glass Annual Wine Guide, even though you read about it first on my site and didn't bother to mention that. :-P

        • 1WineDude

          Doh! Dude, you're right, I did see that on your site first I think (though also via Second Glass at about the same time,so they might actually have beaten you to it).

          Any chance of you contributing to the next edition?

          • Dale Cruse

            If Tyler would like me to contribute, I'll be proud to!

            • 1WineDude

              I hope that works out – it's the only chance that Thunderbird has of being included!


              • Dale Cruse

                I would so totally review Thunderbird! I heard they don't make Ripple anymore and on this Thanksgiving I am not thankful for that!

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