The Punch Down Episode Three With Gary Vaynerchuk

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Thanks to all of you who tuned in and/or sent questions for our The Punch Down Episode Three interview with Gary Vaynerchuk. We kicked off a tad late, but it was well worth the wait.

The replay of the live broadcast of our interview with GV is below – if you missed it, you’re in for a treat, as Gary (who connected via telephone) was in typically fine form, pulling no punches with his candid answers.

How does Gary views the wine world’s forays into social media? What does he think the next big thing will be in wine and tech? Does Gary feel as though he abandoned his popular show’s followers when it comes to vino? Who’s getting it right on-line in the wine world? Questions answered in the ensuing vid!

Special thanks to Gary, who once again shows why he’s a passionate and intellectual force with which to be reckoned, as well as one of the most candid wine personalities ever to pull cork from neck.

The Punch Down Episode Three with Gary Vaynerchuk






  • doug wilder

    Joe, There seems to be an error in loading this video.

    • 1WineDude

      Doug – working perfectly for me from all devices. Any specifics on what you’re seeing?

  • Nate

    I tuned in yesterday. I am really digging these shows, Joe. Gary was a great guest and some great answers! Although, I am not sold on this Google glass thing yet. There is something about not being plugged in everywhere you go, especially when your enjoying wine with friends. What are your thoughts on it?

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Nate! I need to see the glasses in action, I think, to get the full sense… but my strong suspicion is that those who don't regularly wear glasses will NOT want to use Google's just to have additional real-time data in front of their eyeballs, unless that data is insanely useful. BUT… those who wear glasses regularly anyway might really be drawn to that.

  • WineHarlots

    Nice work Joe!

    • 1WineDude


  • Todd - VT Wine Media

    I'm kind of curious about how the glasses will ride, but like Nate, wonder about what an "always online" status will do to our brains. We already know that we have addiction issues with visual media, and inability to control mobile device use, such that normal boundaries of social etiquette and safety are often transgressed, this forcing discussion about their use, while driving, during dinner, browsing while someone is speaking to us, etc.

    That said, I think that in the next few years we'll see them embedded in manufacturing, shipping, industrial, and agricultural settings where folks are already required to wear safety glasses, and where the in-context augmented reality data will help them with their work. The glasses are also just a next step, in how mobile devices are being employed. Imagine that vineyard manager, rolling through the ranch on an ATV picking up wireless sensor data in-re soil moisture and nutrition, weather data, imagery from vineyard workers, etc. Back in the cellar, the winemaker walking among the tanks and barrels, picking up fermentation temperatures, lab results for the vessel he's looking at, even picking up the message about the 95 point score he just got from Parker…oh wait, that's the past, not the future.

    • 1WineDude

      Todd – good points. I agree, I'm not sure I see the same consumer appeal Gary does there. Stranger shizz has happened, though (hello, cellphones!)…

  • gabe

    great show, I always love Gary V. He's like the Nicolas Joly of online marketing.
    So who's next on the punchdown?

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Gabe. Next up… Will be announced soon :-) It's another big one, stay tuned…

  • @QuitWINEing

    Joe, really enjoyed the show! Great to hear Gary's voice! Good information for anyone involved with wine that needs a few pointers in terms of social media, too!

    It was interesting to hear Gary discuss missing Wine Library and how he sees wine in a whole new light. Even more interesting was his candid thoughts about dropping the ball in the "11th hour". As a fan of his show, I feel his presence is definitely missed. Can't wait to see if his predictions about Google glass come true….and if the glasses come in pink Ray Bans, we might be in business;)


    • 1WineDude

      @QuitWINEing – hey girl! Thanks, glad you liked it. We're going big again on the next episode (Jancis Robinson)… so much more awesomeness to come, hopefully!

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