The Punch Down Episode One With Eric Asimov

Vinted on December 5, 2012 binned in interviews, The Punch Down

The Punch Down Episode One is in the books!

MUCH thanks and mad props to our first guest Eric Asimov, who braved the wiles of our pilot endeavor, and especially to all of YOU who watched and chimed in during the show. The full geekiness is available for replay in the embed below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the first go-round (I’m already thinking of several improvements), guest suggestions, and what-have-you.

Mentioned in this episode (among quite a lot of other things!):

Watch The Punch Down Episode One (with NYT’s Eric Asimov) on YouTube






  • Susie

    First tip: look at the CAMERA, not the monitor.

    • 1WineDude

      Susie – are you offering to direct? ;-) I do understand, & I've got that camera as close to the monitor as I can get it, but we have a lot happening at once (multiple vids, comments, twitter feeds/questions, etc.) so it's not gonna be totally possible to comply… but I will try! Thanks!

  • Chris Parente

    Nice preso of an online interview. And nice "get" for your first episode.

    I think the Gray Report nailed Asimov back in September, here's link if you haven't seen:

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Chris – and thanks for the link. We’re looking to do another in mid-January, also with a pretty entertaining/provocative guest. Cheers!

  • MyrddinGwin

    This interview was quite interesting. It was cool Eric Asimov brought up his Sweet/Savoury wine article–though I think it's a bit restrictive in styles, it had caused me to re-think the way I took notes. As time goes on, I'm finding my own personal tasting notes are tending to get more concise and generalised for aromas and flavours, and that body and texture are getting more prominence. Now to figure out how to make my comments concise…
    Also, when guests at my work ask me wineries I recommend they visit, I almost always send them to places that treated me well when I visited, myself, and rarely to places that treated me badly. The only times I send guests to places that treated me rudely are: when the guests ask to go to that place specifically; the winery makes a particular, fairly rare wine extraordinarily well; or when the guests themselves acted like jerks to me.
    I'm looking forward to Episode Two!

    • 1WineDude

      MyrddinGwin – thanks. Come to think of it, I've never recommended a rude winery, either…

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