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Watch The Punch Down Episode Two With Guest Randall Grahm

Vinted on January 23, 2013 binned in The Punch Down

Ok… here’s TPD, Episode two! Enjoy…

The Punch Down LIVE – Episode Two with guest Randall Grahm





The Punch Down Episode Two With Guest Randall Grahm Is Next Week (Wed, Jan 23, 1PM EST)!

Vinted on January 16, 2013 binned in The Punch Down

I’m excited to share with you the details for Episode Two of The Punch Down!

[ For those who need a quick catch up on TPD: for the last few months, I’ve been working with London-based wine educator and author Tara O’Leary on a video wine show that finally went Live in December 2012; to get a feel for the vibe, check out Episode One with guest Eric Asimov. ]

Tara, Shelby and I have been reviewing the feedback from Episode One, and tweaking our format a bit, and we think you’ll like what we’re up to in this next episode.

Our guest this time will be the irrepressible Randall Grahm, iconoclastic Hall of Fame vintner and the driving force behind Bonny Doon wines. California’s original Rhone Ranger and unabashed Pinot-phile will join Tara and I (and the 1WD intern, the Young Unpaid Shelby) on the hot seat to talk about what’s best – and worst – about the wine business in 2013. Those who know Randall and/or have seen him speak know that you’re in for amazing insights, cogent and unabashed commentary, and probably a bad pun (or twenty). You are NOT going to want to miss this one!

And so we invite you to join us for Episode Two, LIVE on January 23rd (that’s one week from today, hoss!) at 1PM ET (10AM PT, 6PM GMT). We encourage you to hit us up with questions for Randall on twitter during the event, using the hastag #thepunchdown as well as through email (thepunchdown @, which you can send anytime between now and the event for a chance to get your question aired live with Randall.

You’ll also get a full viewable recap posted here on 1WD shortly after the event, and can also catch up on YouTube or via iTunes. So chime in, let us know you’re coming, and tell a few wine-loving friends about it if you’re so inclined.

Cheers – and hope to see you there!




The Greatest California Vineyard You Don’t Know About (Communing – And Drinking! – With Old Souls In Lodi)

Vinted on March 27, 2012 binned in elegant wines, on the road, overachiever wines, wine review

Well, you may actually know about it, but that would certainly put you in better shape than I was when my friend and sommelier legend Randy Caparoso kidnapped me from Premiere Napa Valley in February, insisting that I spend some time in Lodi to see some down-home, old school wine farming.

What I wasn’t entirely prepared for was just how old that old school was going to be.

As in, going on 126 years old, old. Think about that the next time you read the words “old vines” printed on a wine label; you know, right before you think “well, hell, I know some really old vines, suckah!.

What Randy insisted on showing me first was Lodi’s Bechthold Vineyard, nestled in the Mokelumne River area and home of Cinsault vines planted in 1886 on their own roots (on which they remain, thanks to sandy soils and a deep root system preventing the vine-killer phylloxera from picking them off) by German immigrant Joseph Spenker; the place has been continuously dry-farmed – and family-owned – ever since.

And the place is nothing short of magical, if you’re a real wine geek. Because older souls you are not likely to encounter in California, unless your house is haunted or you live among the redwoods. And when you’re done reading this, you hopefully won’t wonder why I went ga-ga over the Single Vineyard concept for WBW75 (and be thirsting for some Cinsault, or Lodi wine, at least)…

Read the rest of this stuff »




Sub-terroir Rhônesick Blues = Awesome

Vinted on November 30, 2009 binned in California wine, winemaking

The video embedded below, featuring Bonny Doon’s irrepressible Randall Grahm, is just… well, it’s just awesome.

Fans of Grahm’s style of humor and his approach to wine-making will no doubt find much to appreciate in this satirical homage to Dylan.  Those of you among our readers who are actually making wine may find some of this cuts so closely and deeply that the humor is bitter-sweet.  Knowing Randall, I’d guess that was partly the intention!

From the video comments:

“The reader may know or be able to infer that I live a somewhat convoluted, self-referential life; that is to say, many of my personal points of reference seem to exist in the realm of vinous and the arcane (generally both). Eliot footnoted The Wasteland; why not to footnote a Bob Dylan song parody about some of the more obscure aspects of winemaking chez Doon?.”

You’ve gotta love this guy; or at least, you’ve gotta respect his gumption.

Special thanks to Meg of for bringing this one to my attention.  Enjoy!





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