The Heat Is… ON! (Publix Summer Grape 2014)

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The Heat is…ON! (cue the cheesy sax line!)

I know it’s still technically Spring, but if I’ve got my preschool memories sorted out correctly (hey, a lot of brain cells have been killed off by alcohol at this point), for the Northern Hemisphere that means Summer ought to be coming forthwith. And forth-with it, the Summer edition of Publix Grape Magazine, in which I’ve again penned the In Focus section (among some other things).

This time around, the subject is the effect of heat on grape ripening, and what that means for the resulting juice in the finished wine bottle (for those new to this gig, I’ve been penning In Focus for Publix’s wine pub for a several quarters, and have developed a sort of niche in which I take potentially complex wine topics like oak, yeasts, sugar, etc., and try to distill them into learnings digestible by non-wine-geeky people).

To help me, I asked for an assist by the simultaneously geeky-talented-cool Napa Valley winemaker Janet Meyers, who heads up the production at both Franciscan and Mt. Veeder wineries (see this now-ancient video interview with Janet to get a feel for her awesomeness).

So… go subscribe already so that you can read it! What you’ll learn, in a nutshell, is that the Summertime is a hell of a lot more chill-axing for you than it is for winemakers and ripening grape clusters…






  • Paul Moe

    Off topic from your post, but you have this posted under "Stuff you might also dig". Don't you need to change that to 2014?
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    • 1WineDude

      Paul, yeah, those get generated automatically and they don't always get it totally right (obviously). :-)

  • Solomon Mengeu

    I went to go the Publix Grape Magazine site & tried to sign-up, but then I discovered you have to be living in the States to subscribe for it. Is there any way to subscribe if one isn't living in the States, but in another country?

    • 1WineDude

      Hi Solomon,Unfortunately, I think you need to be in their target markets in the States in order to receive the magazine. I have a similar problem, as I live north of their markets so cannot receive it myself.

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