Winners Of The ZAP 2012 Giveaway Announced (Along With The Zins Now On My Review List)!

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You people sure do like your ZAP. Or you sure do like your Zinfandel. Or both, probably.

Between the comments, retweets, Facebook Likes, e-mails, and other versions of time-sucking on-line virtual social water-cooler spots, my giveaway of tickets to some of the ZAP 2012 events generated a few hundred reactions (with over 100 coming in the form of comments alone). That is, by far, the the biggest response to a giveaway in 1WD history! A huge THANK YOU to all of you who made the giveaway so awesome – a special shout-out to reader Leilani Carrara who put us over the 100 comment mark, and in doing so was awarded an impromptu prize (in the form of a free copy of the Tasting Guide ebook).

For those who have been playing along at home, you know that the giveaway also determined at least two Zinfandels that I will now be on the hook to review – not necessarily an easy task, since I live in the Communistwealth of PA and so do not necessarily have easy access to the wines demanded by the giveaway winners (attention PR folk: if you have samples of any of these winners, I’m willing to talk!).

And so… the winners of tix for two to a pair of way-cool ZAP 2012 events… aaaaaand their Zin picks, which I now need to get my grubby little hands on to review, are…

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The Top Three Reasons Why I’m Not Talking About The Latest Wine Advocate Scandal

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Before you flame me, Yes, I am already aware of the irony of today’s title.

I realize that some of you might have been trapped for the last several days under your collapsed wine racks and several hundred bottles of your collected vino. Or maybe you are just coming off a severe wine bender, Rip Van Winkle style, one where the hangover lasted for a few weeks. If you’re in any of those camps, I offer the following recap of some recent wine news:

[Editor’s note: at least skim the above links, or the rest of this is not gonna make much sense.]

I can’t tell you if the pay-to-play allegations are true, but I can tell you that the Spanish wine biz seems to be quite relieved by the news of Miller’s departure, based on private correspondences I’ve had with people in the biz there (most of which amounts to them thinking that Jay was “terrible” – names withheld for obvious reasons!).

I’ve been conspicuously absent in saying anything about any of this stuff here on 1WD. Why? Because I don’t really give a rat’s ass, and feel compelled to talk about it now only because I’m getting asked why I’m not talking about. So before the irony gets infinitely recursive, here are the top three reasons why I haven’t been talking about it

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Weekly Twitter Wine Mini Reviews Round-Up For December 10, 2011

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Uhm, like what is this stuff?
I taste a bunch-o-wine (technical term for more than most people). So each week, I share some of my wine sample tasting notes via twitter (limited to 140 characters). They are meant to be fun, quickly-and-easily-digestible reviews. Below is a wrap-up of the twitter reviews from the past week (click here for the skinny on how to read them), along with links to help you find them so you can try them for yourself. Cheers!

  • 08 Domaine Brana Ohtiza Rouge (Irouléguy): Like a classic muscle car; brutish, powerful, graceful, surprising & fun all at once. $26 B >>find this wine>>
  • 05 Clos Fardet Cuvee Moutoue Fardet (Madiran): Tangy, savory, bracing red that eventually opens up in the glass (after an eternity). $27 B- >>find this wine>>
  • 08 Chateau Bellevue La Foret Ce Vin (Fronton): Pretty, serious, not pretty serious nor seriously pretty, but pretty food-worthy. $11 B- >>find this wine>>
  • 08 Domaine des Terrisses (Gaillac): Violets, pepper, savory meat & dark berries all dancing to some slightly out-of-tune funk. $27 C+ >>find this wine>>
  • 10 Domaine du Cros Lo Sang del Pais (Marcillac): Savory, peppery, rustic & compelling. Will have U wishing for a burger within reach. $12 B- >>find this wine>>
  • 08 Château Montus Blanc (Pacherenc du Vic Bilh): Most oaked white wines really ought to be more like this unctuous, vibrant beauty. $27 B+ >>find this wine>>
  • 10 Colombelle L’Original Rouge (Cotes de Gascogne): Proof positive that rough-and-tumble Tannat actually has a bit of a soft side. $10 B- >>find this wine>>
  • 10 Colombelle L’Original Blanc (Cotes de Gascogne): Screaming acidity, screaming herbs, screaming citrus, & a screaming bargain. $10 B- >>find this wine>>
  • 08 Chateau d’Esclans Rose (Cotes de Provence): You’re being served rose petal & oak stave, but the server is pretty damn sexy. $35 B+ >>find this wine>>
  • 09 Domaine Rimbert Les Travers de Marceau (Saint Chinian): There’s spicy cooking happening *somewhere* in that brambly forest… $13 B- >>find this wine>>
  • 06 Domaine des 2 Anes Fontanilles (Corbières): And on that barn they had some (tangy but very barnyardy) wine, ee-i-ee-i-ohhhh. $13 C+ >>find this wine>>



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