I Have Hate, But I Still Love (Italian White Wine Grapes For Fix.com)

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As I’m recovering from mouth surgery, I am currently into my second consecutive week without a sip of vino. This scenario has created something angry and sinister very deep inside my psyche; the type of thing that is best left in its evil slumber and not forced upon the fragile, gossamer-like veil that separates what we know of as civilized society from its dark, savage underbelly.


So, yeah, I have some hate happening.

As a result, I am waaaaaay behind on writing up my recent wine travels, finishing up my paying gigs, tasting through samples, and what-have-you.

Despite the angry railing against the heavens, I did manage to pen a little love letter to some of my favorite Italian white wine grapes for Fix.com, titled The Grapes Behind Italian White Wines. Long-time 1WD readers will not be surprised to find Fiano and Carricante on that list. The full-on infographic format of the article is embedded below after the jump, but the curious among you will want to head over to Fix.com for the Full Monty on the article, which contains some geek-tastic bits of history and trivia about the grapes, and about Italian wine in general.


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  • Jonathan C. Zeiger

    Awesome infographic Joe! I really like the histories and the DOC suggestions. Have you tried another Marche indigenous white, Pecorino? The Italians call it “the red that dresses as a white”, a super interesting and tasty wine! I’d be happy to send some your way ;) Along with that, they have the Passerina and Incrocio Bruni 54; the Marchigiani are making some amazing whites.

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Jonathan. The graphics are all Fix.com’s doing, they knock that stuff out of the park. I’ve had Pecorino, but happy to receive further samples for consideration. Cheers!

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