Halloween: Don’t Make Your Wine Pick Scary Stupid

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This month, as part of my Answers.com gig, I penned a short article offering a selection of Halloween Wines Without the Kitsch. I mention it because, well, 1) it’s Halloween and 2) I like to piss off the people who have a near-apoplectic fit at the mere mention of holiday wine selections. [ Editor’s note: to those people – get over it; a lot more people want wine guidance over the holidays than don’t ].

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the holiday topic is sexy or isn’t almost entirely played out – in fact, every holiday wine pairing article I’ve ever written more or less boils down to “drink what you like, but most of all don’t screw it up by buying bad wine gussied up in cute packaging for the holidays.”

But because that’s too short of a sentiment for a paying article, we have to give it the ol’ college try, and so try I did. Look at it this way: if Halloween provides an excuse for people to explore interesting, otherwise-off-the-radar wine options like Bull’s Blood, or a familiar grape from a not-so-familiar region like Romania (now one of the top twenty wine producers in the world by volume, by the way), or a really good wine with a bad name (like The Dead Arm Shiraz), then I say what the hell, let’s go for it.

In any case, Halloween isn’t about trying to find a bottle of booze with a sticker of a werewolf or a zombie on the label; it’s about enjoying a glass of tasty vino about which you don’t have to think too much so that instead you can focus on important things, such as taking pictures of your daughter in her triceratops costume that you will eventually use to embarrass her right before her wedding many years from now (seriously… this costume below is pretty sweet…). At this point, I should add that one of my daughter’s imaginary friends is her “T-Rex dino husband” who “travels a lot for work” and “lives in a house on the beach.” Which I think bodes scarily somehow for my future as a father-in-law, but I’m not 100% sure about all of that yet.

Anyway… If you want werewolves and zombies, buy a Halloween themed thermos in which you can put that Bull’s Blood while you walk the kiddies around the neighborhood trick-or-treating, okay?

Cheers – and have a spooky, but safe, Halloween!





  • Solomon Mengeu

    Thanks for the good laughs Joe Roberts, yes any excuse to open a good bottle of wine or two is always welcome.

    I thought I would add a comment about Bulls Blood, as like any famous/infamous wine there good ones and bad ones; & Bull's Blood can be a mixed lot.

    Like other famous appellations go the smaller producers are the better ones; Eger Bulls Blood is the most famous but having drunk that as well as Bulls Blood from Szekszard I would say that the former is better than the latter.

    Being that is a site for wine geeks I am going to get a bit geeky, as when we (my wife & I) were in Hungary last year we found out that a lot of wineries in Eger get their fruit from other parts of Hungary. Honestly speaking Villany & Szekszard are THE Hungarian red wine terroirs, I mean if that's practically the only thing the French drank during the phylloxera plague 100 +years ago then it must be pretty damn good!

    I know that these kinds of wines will be hard to find Stateside, but its a treasure hunt and you can lucky if you're willing to try.

    Cheers & Happy Halloween/All Saint's Day


    • 1WineDude

      Solomon – thanks. I appreciate the additional geekiness! Cheers!

  • Solomon Mengeu

    oops, let me correct that line "you can get lucky if you're willing to try".

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