I’m Not A Hungarian Wine Expert, But I Play One On The Internet (FurmintUSA Video Series Shortlisted For 2015 Online Video Awards)

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Earlier this week, I was fondly recalling my little Hungarian jaunt and missing the camaraderie (and the vino!) of the film and production team that made that video series happen (we all stayed together in an old mansion in Tokaj, so it was sort of like a big fraternity house, only done high-end with, amazing Hungarian wine instead of Natty Bo beer…).

smartfilm 1

The SmartFilm crew, hard at work in Tokaj

God bless the Internet: a mere couple of days later, I get pinged by one of those former comrades, Juhász Bálint, to let me know that his company, and the modest video series that we put together while in Tokaj, were shortlisted for Hungary’s 2015 Online Video Awards, in the category of Branded Short Film Series (at least, I think that’s the category… it’s not as if Hungarian is an easy language!).

smartfilm 2

“Oh, you need a corkscrew for these?”

I want to wish luck to my Hungarian cronies; they deserve the recognition, and their work, work ethic, and professionalism and generally awesome demeanor continually impressed me.

Sok szerencsét, my friends!

To view the entire series of our Furmint Adventures, check out 1winedude.com/tag/furmintusa and www.FurmintUSA.com.






  • 1WineDude

    BTW, during filming, I grew to hate, hate, *HATE* that reflector shown in the first pic in this post. It bakes you to a nice crispy brown, like being in your own personal toaster oven. I thought that I was going to have nightmares in which the doorbell rings, I open the door to answer it, and that reflector is there staring me in the face. :)

  • MyrddinGwin

    Hey, Dude,
    This article makes me feel tempted to open a Sárgamuskotály with my Canada Day dinner.
    Hungarian is quite an interesting language, isn’t it? It’s not related to most other languages in Europe, though it is related to Finnish, Estonian, and some other languages along the northern fringes of western Eurasia. I also remember its alphabet has 44 letters, which makes Norway’s seem pretty paltry at 29.
    It sounds like the only way that reflector could be any scarier is if it appeared on your doorstep with a knife duct-taped to it in a threatening manner. Nightmare on Elm Street Meets the Reflectors could perhaps be the biggest breakout horror film hit since Troll 2. :)

    • 1WineDude

      @MG – ha!!!

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