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The Punch Down Episode 7 Recap

Vinted on September 18, 2013 binned in The Punch Down

TPD Episode 7 is now in the books! This episode features something like several thousand dollars worth of free social media consulting from our multi-member panel of guests:

  1. Meg Maker (award winning writer of Makers Table)
  2. David Honig (editor of
  3. Ryan Opaz (co-creator of
  4. Rick Mulready (not in the wine biz but he sure knows his way around social media, and is the man behind the Inside Social Media Podcast).

Anyway, start watching to witness their smarties and social awesomeness!

The Punch Down Episode 7! A wine industry & social media roundtable!




The Punch Down Episode Seven Will Feature…

Vinted on September 10, 2013 binned in The Punch Down


Hopefully it will be somewhat organized chaos, but I expect, geeky, controversial and entertaining chaos nonetheless.

For Episode 7 of The Punch Down, we’ve invited four guests. NO, that’s not a typo; including my co-host Tara and I, there will be six people on video for TPD Episode 7!

Tara and I have wanted to do multi-guest format show for months, and for September we’re finally pulling the trigger on it. We’ve got four intelligent and opinionated guests that we’ll throw on the virtual grill to discuss how the wine world is/isn’t/should be / could be leveraging its social media efforts.

The lineup:

  1. Meg Maker (regularly winning writing awards over at Makers Table)
  2. David Honig (the irrepressible editor of
  3. Ryan Opaz (formerly of Minnesota, formerly of Spain, now of Portugal and co-creator of
  4. And a wild card: Rick Mulready, who isn’t in the wine biz but knows his way around social media as the creator of the Inside Social Media Podcast.

I’ve got controversial, pointed, and edgy questions planned for all of them. I just hope this one doesn’t go twelve hours or something, because things are for sure gonna get lively during this little soirée next week. So now I finally get to pretend that I’m Bill Maher and ask questions to each guest that then get the rest of them all fired up and arguing in (mostly) friendly ways. Awwwwww yeeeeeahhhhhhh!

Join us LIVE on Tuesday September 17 at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific, 6pm UK) for geekery!




The Punch Down Episode 6 with’s Rowan Gormley (Replay)

Vinted on July 10, 2013 binned in The Punch Down

In case you missed it, here we presenteth the sixth episode of The Punch Down, in which we dissect with founder Rowan Gormley. It takes Rowan all of about 16 seconds to figure me out, and he more than holds his own as we ask him about his favorite winemaking projects, whether or not he loses sleep over the business model, share some summer white wine picks, and I give Aussie winemakers grief over not keeping some residual sugar in their Rieslings. Enjoy!

The Punch Down Episode 6 with’s Rowan Gormley

Mentioned in this episode:




The Punch Down Episode 6 Guest Will Be…

Vinted on July 2, 2013 binned in The Punch Down

Listen up, peeps: Rowan Gormley, the head honcho of will be our guest for Episode 6 of The Punch Down Wine Show!

Yes, that, the one that subsidizes the crazy projects of talented winemakers like Randall Grahm, Jeff Stai, and Jessica Tomei by getting angel investors to shell out cash in exchange for dirt-cheap prices on the resulting vino. The model is fresh, and the idea seems to have some wings… and ruffling feathers as it takes flight.

This might seem an odd guest choice to some, as so far we’ve had very high profile “wine geeky” guests on TPD rather than those on the business end of things. BUT… while Rowan might not share quite as bright a geek spotlight as our previous visitors to the hot seat, he certainly shares their iconoclastic nature and penchant for speaking their minds. If you need a primer on the latter, check out his verbal war against inflated wine costs and personal retorts against critics in the comments section of this interview from The Guardian.

It will, at a minimum, be entertaining!

Got questions for Rowan? Hit me up as you deem fit.

I hope to see you as we put Gormley’s good humor to the test on TPD, at 1PM ET next Tuesday, July 9!




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