Born In The USA (My American Wine Scene Wine Picks For Italy’s Civilta del bere Magazine)

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I’m not sure that we need any more proof that I am an idiot workaholic, but last week a wine magazine hit the newsstands in Italy with yet more evidence in support of that.

During a (very) busy late Spring, I was contacted by my friend and co-judge in the 2013 Argentina Wine Awards, the Milan-born Alessandro Torcoli, who is the managing director of Civilta del bere. The pages of Cdb (loosely translated as “Culture of drink”) have been gracing the hands of wine and food lovers in Italy since 1974.

Alessandro wanted to know if I’d pen a feature for Cdb on the wine scene in America. “Which wine scene in America?” was my initial response, to which he more-or-less replied “all of them.” Capturing the trends and current happenings of all of the most important wine regions in the U.S. just seemed a challenge too cool to turn down, so I said yes. A crap-ton of work then ensued (I am over 40 now, so the chances that I will someday learn not to accept these workloads is probably approaching zero).

The finished article is now available (in Italian, of course, thanks to Alessandro’s translation), and it looks great (hopefully the text lives up to the presentation!). What was probably the most difficult part of the assignment was coming up with a list of thirty wines that I thought served as both an introduction to American wine, and as a faithful representation of American wine trends overall.

That part was… well, “ridiculously hard” seems somewhat appropriate. For sh*ts and giggles, I’m presenting the final list of those selected wines below. It’s certainly California/Pacific NW-heavy, but when you consider the fact that those regions account for well over 90% of all of the wine produced in the U.S., any other approach would’ve been totally disingenuous to the spirit of the article. I am quite sure that I will piss off no small number of the wine world with these selections, and most criticism that I failed to include wine/region/trend such-and-such will no doubt have some justifications. Against my better judgment, I have included short blurbs on why I choose the wines that I did.

As always, I welcome your flaming comments!







  • Bitner Vineyards Dry Riesling – because yeah, we need to start taking this state seriously.





  • Caduceus Cellars Sancha – Might be Maynard’s (and one of AZ’s) best; oh, and finally Tempranillo has somewhere it shows well outside of Rioja!






New York





  • Waltz Vineyards Reserve Chardonnay – because I am a homer; and because Jan Waltz’s wines are showing promise, and the quality levels that can be achieved by Right Coast vintners.







  • @winecast

    Korbel? Really, Joe??

    Also, your link does not drop on the article. Would like to get these picks in context (even with the sometimes hilarious Google translation) before I flame further.

    • 1WineDude

      @winecast – When's the last time you had Korbel, bro? Regarding the link, I am not sure you can access the article directly (sorry).

      • @winecast

        I have to admit it's been years but I avoid them on principle since they continue to insist on using "champagne" on their labels. But the last time I did try, it wasn't impressive.

        • 1WineDude

          You need to give the more expensive ones a try; some are crazy tasty for the price. I don't like the laws on grandfathering the Champagne labeling in, either, but they'd be idiots not take advantage of it for now…

      • The Drunken Cyclist

        I was surprised by the Korbel inclusion as well, but I do agree that once you get past the main bottlings, there is some really tasty stuff to be had and for a great price. (The main bottlings are solid as well, it is just tough to get behind something with a million bottle production….).

        • 1WineDude

          Dc, yeah, but given how much of it gets consumed in the US, I don’t see how I couldn’t have included it…

  • Bill Smart

    No flaming throwing here Joe. I like your picks! (For obvious reasons) :) Cheers my man!

    • 1WineDude

      Bill – ha!

      • The Drunken Cyclist

        Thinly veiled, Mr. Smart….

  • The Drunken Cyclist

    I will need to check out Waltz—as for other PA juice, have you had any Galer? Their Cab Franc gives me hope for PA wines….

    • 1WineDude

      Yeah, Galer can be solid for sure. Penns Woods, too.

    • winingarchaeologist

      a little late to this game… That Waltz Reserve Chard could easily be on anyone's list of best PA wines. I just finished my last bottle of 2010. Their reds are also good and I have a glass of Baron Red right now (Bordeaux blend). I'm a fan of several PA wineries, DC, and I think Allegro puts out one of the best with their "Cadenza". Stargazers used to have one of the absolute best Cab Francs until they had to pull up the vines in 2011, or so. Galer just changed winemakers, so hard to say. Penns Woods puts out some good juice – and Karamoor – and I would be VERY curious to hear your thoughts on Blair Pinot Noir… (which I quite like). 1WD – have you had Blair?

      • 1WineDude

        WA – I agree with your assessments. Blair pn is very solid, especially in warmer vintages. Sad to hear about Stargazers CF, I enjoyed that wine.

        • winingarchaeologist

          let me clarify on the cab franc… it was just one parcel that needed to be pulled, but it was their best

      • The Drunken Cyclist

        I heard that Galer had a new winemaker, I should go back out there. Karamoor’s wines have always impressed, but I get an odd vibe from them. Maybe I am dating myself using words like “vibe”.

        • 1WineDude

          DC – c’mon, you crazy cat, using words like vibe totally send me, man!

  • alberthasse

    While you did not include Tablas Creek, I know your fondness for their juice….. You get a pass on that one. Good call with Argyle.

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Albert :-)

  • John K.

    How could you possibly "represent" the US wine scene and leave out Rombauer and Silver Oak? ;-)

    • 1WineDude

      John – Can't include everything. I actually did have SO lined up at one point…

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