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Your Screwing Preferences (Giveaway!) | 1 Wine Dude

Your Screwing Preferences (Giveaway!)

Vinted on March 15, 2010 binned in giveaways, wine products
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I’m talking about corkscrews, people.

Geez, what were you thinkin’?  Honestly, this is about wine, it’s supposed to be sophisticated, right?  So get your mind out of the gutter already!

Since I read up on the topic of corkscrews in the excellent Pocket Edition of Wine For Dummies, I’ve been wondering what corkscrews people prefer.  Also, giveaways of some excellently cool wine gear are involved, so pay attention!

A few days ago, I had a visit from a buddy of mine who just passed his WSET Dimploma, and we got to opening, well, a lot of wine to celebrate.  My buddy is left-handed, and he has a left-handed waiter’s friend corkscrew, which doesn’t sound all that strange until you try to insert the thread of the left-handed corkscrew into a cork using the common right-handed approach, and then it more or less becomes a total mind-f*ck.  It’s like trying to tie your shoes backward.

I find that wine geeks (like me) tend to get almost religiously passionate about their corkscrews.  Or, in my case at least, passionate about the corkscrews that they don’t like.

My corkscrew of choice is the waiter’s friend model (portable & trusty), but I’ll gladly use any corkscrew that has a thread that will easily insert into the cork without destroying it. Which is why I despise “winged corkscrews” with an angry passion bordering on jihad; those things tear up a cork mercilessly, and I’m convinced the model was designed by someone who hates wine and thought it would be funny watching wine lovers chew on bits of cork while they were sipping their favorite beverage.  Jerks.

Anyway, today I’m teaming up with, purveyors of wine goodies and accessories, to find out what corkscrew styles YOU prefer, and to give you free stuff! (read on for dets)…

Leave a comment and talk about your fave corkscrew (and of course, why it’s your favorite).  I will randomly select FOUR winners from the commenters, using a super-secret process involving my dog, who will win one of four way-cool prizes from True Fabrications (in descending order of awesomeness):

  1. Chrome Nautilus Corkscrew – “Works with just a squeeze of the hand.” Not that you need it, you stud.  Chrome finish. Comes with foil cutter and extra worm ($29.95 value).
  2. Treasure Chest Wine Box – 2 Bottle - Double bottle wine box with brass accents and faux leather straps to secure bottles within, in case you’re drunk & sloppy and tossing the thing around ($19.95 value).
  3. Wine Connoisseur Glass Charms Set of 6 pewter wine charms, so you don’t accidentally drink someone else’s wine backwash ($8.95 value).
  4. Natural Wine Gift Totes – made from Renewable Jute and Bamboo – reusable and eco-friendly, to impress that cute vegan you have your eye on ($3.95 value).

Shout out your thoughts and win stuff.  Winners will be selected at the end of the week, so hurry up!

Full disclosure: has NOT given me any of this stuff and has NOT paid me for this, which I think totally sucks but I’m working with them anyway since they agreed to give YOU stuff.  You can thank me later…


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