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Those looking to learn amore bout Spanish wine, and who are cool with receiving a freebie (I really hope that covers most of you out there) might want to check out Far from Ordinary, a free guide to Spanish wine available through Wines From Spain.

Wines From Spain is another government-funded promotional program with the objective of promoting a country’s wines and its wine regions (in this case, Spain – duh) to wine consumers worldwide.  We’ve been seeing a lot of those organizations hitting the promotional trails lately, especially since the world economy took a sharp turn towards toiletville.

Far from Ordinary was written with the help of uber-wine guy Doug Frost, who is one of a (very) small handful of people to achieve both the Master Sommelier and Master of Wine credentials.  Frost also supplies the tasting notes for the 130+ Spanish wines featured in the guide.

Personally, I’ve little experience with Spanish wines and it ranks right up there with Burgundy on the list of world wine areas that I need to learn (and taste!) more about.  Apparently it has me in such a tizzy that just thinking about it causes me to end sentences with prepositions.  Having said that, Spanish wine – when you can find it in the States, that is – is a hell of a lot easier to navigate than Burgundy in terms of not breaking both your heart and wallet when you find a dud.  So, I’ve only got experience with a small amount of the wines featured in Far from Ordinary but I found the selections with which I’m familiar to be good buys and consistent with Doug Frost’s tasting notes (there – that sentence was better… whew…).

A primer on the major winemaking regions of Spain is also provided in the guide, and it’s bursting out with photographs so stunning that they might better be placed in a Spanish tourism guide – some of the shots will make you want to immediately open a bottle of Cava or Priorat and book travel to the Spanish countryside.

The guide is certainly worth a look (the price, after all, is right).






  • Jennifer

    If anyone wants a unique Christmas gift, my cookbook has over 100 original recipes, 40 pieces of art and an awesome music CD! It combines food, music and art and offers a wide variety of italian, mexican, thai, american, asian and greek dishes with vegetarian options. Great appetizers, main dishes, starters, side dishes, sandwiches, soups and salads. to order $19.95. I now it is a shameless plug, but I will sign it and have it sent with love! :)

    • 1WineDude

      Well… it is pretty shameless… but if you're offering autographed copies… Does it at least have Spanish recipes? C'mon, throw me a bone here…

  • Tim Elliott

    Nice find, Joe. Only thing is the 'where you heard' pull-down doesn't have '1WineDude' on it… What's with that? :)

  • ryan

    Spain? GOod Wine? Who would have thunk! :)

  • 1WineDude

    It's there, under "Raving Madman" I think… :)

  • 1WineDude

    This magical land of Spain of which you speak, is it accessible by rail from the storied country of Andorra??

  • Willybuoy

    After almost a lifetime of thinking that the word was 'cavit', you now teach me that it is really 'cavil'. Thank you 1grammardude'.

  • 1WineDude

    Technically that makes me 1VocabDude, actually…

  • 1WineDude

    This magical land of Spain of which you speak, is it accessible by rail from the storied country of Andorra??

  • Andrew Holod

    WineDude. We import Spanish wines and sell them to the PLCB. I think you should be able to find some of the following in an local specialty store:
    Conde de Subirats Cava – 29663 $11.99
    1+1=3 Cava NV- 29894 $14.99
    Nessa Albarino 2008- 22525 $12.99
    Fuente Milano Viura/Verdejo 2008 – 22524 $8.99
    El Molinet Tempranillo/Cabernet Sauvignon Valencia 2007 – 22719 $11.49

    Coming soon, as we've already shipped them: Prima Toro 2007 (100% Tempranillo) and Finca la Cuesta Bierzo 2007 (100% Mencia)

    I hope you get to try some more Spanish wines soon as they blend the best of the old world (sense of place [terroir]) and the new world (ripe fruit).


  • 1WineDude

    I'm sorry to hear that you have to deal with the PLCB :-).


  • Lowell

    Have they run out of the "Wines From Spain Far From Ordinary Wine Guide"? I ordered one back in October or November and still have not received one. Will they be coming out with a 2010 version?

    • 1WineDude

      I don't know about any revisions, but I do recall that it took some time (several weeks) for the book to arrive. I'd try contacting them, seems quite a long time and I'd have thought you'd have received it by now.

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