Wine Knowledge Makes You Sexier

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Just about every year around St. Valentine’s Day, I remind people that wine knowledge makes you appear sexier.

In the past, I’ve cited three (mostly) scientific sources to bolster that viewpoint:

According to a survey jointly sponsored by the Australian Wine Council and on-line dating service, having a healthy knowledge of the world’s most romantic beverage makes you more attractive, with those people preferring Italian wines being viewed as particularly “sexy” and “stylish.”

Wine X Magazine (as reported by autumnilia) backs up the “wine = sexier” conclusion in an interview with sexpert Dr. Ruth, who tells us that wine is an essential element of foreplay (she prefers Beaujolais Nouveau, gewurztraminer, and CA white, so those may be some of the sexiest wine choices, seeing as how she’s a sexpert and whatnot- just sayin’).

If you’re totally desperate on this most Hallmark of holidays, Yahoo! Answers has a thread about what wine choices make a drinking partner appear the most attractive. Chianti and Sake got the nods there.

Cheers – and may you be lucky in wine and love!

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  • Richard Scholtz

    Yeah, I think Ray Charles could see that you married above your pay grade.

    • 1WineDude

      No doubt!

  • waterintowino

    Beaujolais Nouveau, Gewurztraminer, and CA whites are about as sexy as Dr. Ruth herself.

    • 1WineDude

      HA! Personally, I'd go with either the Italian wines option, or dessert wines (sweet + high alcohol… just sayin'…).

  • Gary "Iron" Chevsky

    Very witty! You wife must be happy with such a post! Cheesy, but clever and very niiiiice!
    Now me being a good looker n all, I can't blame it all on wine, so what am I to do this Valentines?!

    Can't believe that 2005 poll said this:

    "Ordering a wine from Australia conveys the message that a person is adventurous (62%) and fun (32%). A person that drinks French wine is viewed as pretentious (76 percent)and high-maintenance (65%). Sexy (40%) and stylish (37%) were personality traits used to describe a person who orders a wine from Italy."

    Boy, since then Australia has gone down, and hopefully France has earned some of its coolness back.
    Nothing to do with wine really, all just popular imagery about the lifestyle.
    Italy always cool, perhaps Spain too. If one is really into wine, how can one diss France is beyond me.
    That said, I am stocking up on that Barbaresco as we speak!

    • 1WineDude

      Speaking for myself, I would DEFINITELY put Spain high on the "Sexy" list. I mean, it's SPAIN for pete's sakes!

      Also, I defy anyone to go to Barcelona and tell me that they didn't see *at least one* girl who would make their "hottest people I've ever seen in my life" list…

  • The Ceci Sipper

    Loved the topic of this post! And Mrs. Dudette … two thumbs way,way up!
    Know anybody in the t-shirt making biz? I think a t-shirt is in order here: "Wine knowledge makes me sexy". I think it would be a big hit! I would def buy one!!

    – The Ceci Sipper

    • 1WineDude

      Finally – a way for this blog to make some money!!! :)

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