Weekly Wine Quiz: Which Red Rules Argentina?

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Welcome to the Weekly Wine Quiz!

This week, we are finishing up the series of questions focusing on Argentine wine (I’ve recently returned from a two week jaunt down there to judge in the 2013 Argentina Wine Awards), all of which originally appeared in the newsletter The Juice. And we’re ending our S. American run with a tricky one… which red wine grape rules Argentina?

What is Argentina’s most-planted red wine grape?
A.  Malbec
B.  Bonarda
C.  Cabernet Sauvignon
D.  Merlot
E.  Tempranillo

Cheers – and good luck!





  • passionatefoodie

    Contrary to Wikipedia, the answer is B. Bonarda. Malbec was once the most planted grape but that has changed in recent years.

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Richard. Actually, I'm not sure if Malbec was ever #1…

  • passionatefoodie

    It was what I was told when I was in Argentina.

    And I just did a quick search and Jancis Robinson says something similar. http://www.jancisrobinson.com/articles/a200808071

    • 1WineDude


  • Jeff Eckles

    Malbec and CS seem to obvious so I will say B. Bonarda…final answer.

    PS. From previous conversations with you I believe you are using WP for your site. Have you thought about a quiz plugin? I use WP-Pro-Quiz and like it. And to shamelessly promote my site at the same time, here is what it looks like in action. http://thelonelyvine.com/mainfeed/friday-wine-tri

    • 1WineDude

      Jeff – thanks. I have, but… I will be announcing next week that the weekly quiz will be retired. I'll still be penning them for The Juice, but my paying commitments are taking up progressively more of my time, and something (gratis) *has* to give in that scenario; the Quiz will be the first to give, I'm afraid.

      • Jeff Eckles

        Bummer, but really, a good problem to have. As always, congrats on your successes.

        • 1WineDude

          Thanks, Jeff -yeah, I figure it’s a better option than moving 1WD features to bi-weekly. As it stands, I’m hoping to get the mini-review roundups and at least one feature a week (sometimes two) published here and maintain that as the schedule from here on out. I’ll still be sharing the things that I most want to share, and will still be a jackass about it, only somewhat less frequently :). Axing the WWQ will allow me to do that, I think, with the least impact to the 1WD catalog of content, so-to-speak.

          • Jeff Eckles

            It makes sense, quizzes take more time than people think, so I totally understand the need to cut it. And the features are a much bigger and rewarding draw for everyone (you and us).

            • 1WineDude

              Thanks, Jeff, i appreciate the kind words. The quizzes will still appear in The Juice, so they’re not going away (just going away from reposting here on 1WD). But I’ll gain back some time for sure in not reposting them here.

          • gabe

            I'm a big believer in quality over quantity. sorry to hear you will be posting less often, but i hope that helps you continue to pump out the quality work. cheers!

            • 1WineDude

              Thanks, Gabe. I appreciate the kind words. That's most definitely the goal – and I expect to be keeping 1WD as the spiritual home for my craziest stuff!

  • John


    • 1WineDude

      :-) thanks, John

  • John

    You're welcome! Love your blog and my wife and I really enjoyed your appearance on 5 o'clock somewhere/ToutSuite! It's funny, live out here in the eastbay, but enjoying a blog from a guy from my neck of the woods (from Reading originally)

    • 1WineDude

      John – thanks for that! I'm in Downingtown now, so not too far from Reading. What sent you there?

  • John

    You know that story…I came out here in '95 with my band. We did fairly well, but it ran its course. Couldn't go back though, loving life and so close to Napa:)

    • 1WineDude

      Ah, yes! And I understand about proximity :-)

  • Les Hubbard

    Joe, Great to hear you're going to finally make a little scratch from the wine game. but I will miss your weekly quiz and probably grow some hair back where I've been scratching my head every week. How about sharing a little of your new found wealth with your intern slave, sounds like she did a great inventorying job – and share a couple of great bottles with her at a family dinner! Are you planning to attend DLW13 in Baltimore? I decided to attend earlier this week.


    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Les! You can still get the quiz (authored by me) via the LWE newsletter. Regarding Shelby, we're starting to explore options to keep her involved, with guest posts and possibly something paying, to help me out on the back end of 1WD. So, we have certainly NOT seen the last of Shelby here. As for DLW13 – would LOVE to go but unfortunately have a conflict with another trip already booked.

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