Weekly Twitter Wine Mini-Reviews Round-up for 2010-05-15

Vinted on May 15, 2010 binned in wine mini-reviews
  • 06 Ravines Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes): Going for “steely” and hitting the mark w/ fennel, floral, and a firm acid structure. $17 B #
  • 08 Ravines Argetsinger Vineyard Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes): The Asian pear & sweet apple are good now but the acid promises a future $25 B+ #
  • 07 Ravines Cabernet Franc (Finger Lakes): Lush but not plush, fruit-driven but downright elegant. I think they’re onto something here $18 B+ #
  • 07 Ravines Glenn Eldridge Vineyard Merlot (Finger Lakes): A mash of prunes, cocoa & spicy oak. For the price, a curiosity only? $30 B- #
  • 08 Standing Stone Riesling Icewine (Finger Lakes): Very sweet, very floral, very acidic, very well-balanced, but not very focused. $25 B #
  • 07 Anthony Road “MRS” Estate Cabernet Franc (Finger Lakes): Freakishly bad for the price & much less than should be expected of AR. $30 C- #
  • 08 Anthony Road “MRS” Berry Selection Riesling (Finger Lakes): Killer tangerine & lemon candy nose. Luscious w/ demanding acidity. $65 A- #
  • 07 Shaw Riesling (Finger Lakes): A palate no unlike lime-flavored 7-Up or Sprite, and not at all in any way that resembles good. $16 C- #
  • 05 Shaw Cabernet Sauvignon (Finger Lakes): A tar & black-fruit beauty with a tasty structure as solid and focused as a steel beam. $35 B+ #
  • 08 Atwater Gewurztraminer (Finger Lakes): Racy with quine, lychee, & a price that still won’t convince you to venture from Alsace. $16 B- #

  • 07 Atwater Syrah (Finger Lakes): A vibrant, smokey, jumpin’ red fruit & pepper nose suggests there’s more in store for Syrah up here. $32 B #
  • 07 Atwater Cabernet/Merlot (Finger Lakes): Too bad only 158 cases were made of this plump & juicy sucker with a nice peppery edge. $25 B+ #
  • 07 Red Newt Sawmill Creek Cabernet Franc (Finger Lakes): Rich w/ balanced tannin & green – & u thought u were in Riesling country! $36 B+ #
  • 07 Red Newt Glacier Ridge Cabernet Franc (Finger Lakes): Toast & spice & pretty darn nice. Red fruit & sweet vanilla action, too. $36 B+ #
  • 08 Lamoreaux Landing Reserve Riesling (Finger Lakes): Austere enough that they’re shooting for the Rheingau (and hitting it, mostly) $25 B+ #
  • 09 Lamoreaux Landing Round Rock Vineyard Riesling (Finger Lakes): A simple, tropical fruit, & quite unbalanced crowd-pleaser. $20 B- #
  • 09 Lamoreaux Landing Red Oak Vineyard Riesling (Finger Lakes): Quince & grapefruit balanced atop an amazing acidic sweet lemon wedge. $20 A- #
  • 08 Red Tail Ridge Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes): All sign point to you having arrived squarely in the middle of “Lime Land.” $19 B- #
  • 08 Red Tail Ridge Pinot Noir (Finger Lakes): Would pass for OR in a blind tasting. Bright, fruity well-rounded & thoroughly good. $20 A- #
  • 08 Hermann Wiemer Frost Cuvee (Finger Lakes): The leftovers from their other white wine productions. And it sure tastes like it. $12 C+ #
  • 08 Hermann Wiemer Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes): Most focused & clean FLX `08 you’ll try. Limes & flowers dominate, the fruit is pure. $17 B+ #
  • 03 Hermann Wiemer Dry Riesling Reserve (Finger Lakes): Still lively, running on some petrol, minerals & citrus, and wickedly clean. $N/A A- #
  • 08 Hermann Wiemer Magdalena Vineyard Riesling (Finger Lakes): Lemon zest, screamin acid & intense citrus fruits. What more do u want? $36 A- #
  • NV Lucas 30th Anniv. Extra Dry Sparkling Wine (Finger Lakes): Very fruity, very fun, & at the end of the day very uninteresting. $20 C+ #
  • 09 Lucas Semi-Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes): Much better than the `08. Pink grapefruit rules the day, balanced on a floral bouquet. $14 B #
  • 07 Lucas Cabernet Franc Reserve (Finger Lakes): Tannic,brambly, juicy, & probably not for everyone (but w/ those acids, it’s for me!) $19 B+ #
  • 08 Fox Run Reserve Riesling (Finger Lakes): You’ll like the citrus & wet rock, but likely not enough to justify the steep price point $30 B- #
  • 07 Fox Run Tawny Port (Finger Lakes): A lot goin on here (butterscotch, brandy, brown sugar, nuts) &a lot to like, apart from the $. $49 B+ #
  • 08 Pascal Berthier Vielles Vignes (Macon-Chaintre): Like Gunsmoke only the cast is made of pears & blossoms. Ok, I know that’s weird. $20 B+ #

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  • Joeshico

    Doing lots of Finger Lakes Rieslings this month. Tough finding one I don't like.
    Love the Atwater Syrah and the '07 Ravines Cab/Fanc. May get to some of your PA
    wineries end of May. Not Chaddsford sorry to say, probably Leigh Valley.
    Any suggestions??

  • Joeshico

    Sorry for Mis-spell. That's Lehigh Valley. Damn, I'm from that area.

    • 1WineDude

      It's a been a long while since I was able to get over to the LV wine trail, but from what I recall I'd recommend Blue Mountain and especially Pinnacle Ridge. Let me know how it goes!

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