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The Wine Media, The Wine Brand, and The Wine Message (Read It Or Weep) | 1 Wine Dude

The Wine Media, The Wine Brand, and The Wine Message (Read It Or Weep)

Vinted on February 8, 2010 binned in wine blogging, wine industry events
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Last week, Vino 2010 (self-described as “the biggest Italian wine event ever held outside of Italy”) officially touched down in NYC.

One of the most anticipated discussions of Vino 2010, at least in the eyes of PR, media, and wine writers, was the panel “Blogging on Wine and Social Networking: New Tools in reaching Consumers of Italian Wine” moderated by Anthony Dias Blue. readers will already know that I was a bit concerned when I’d heard that Dias Blue would be moderating, as I felt that he was too publicly anti-blogging based on quite negative statements he’d made about wine bloggers last year.

That was before I learned of the panel members, who included some very pro-blogging (and very, very talented) friends of mine (blogger Alder Yarrow, PR wiz Steven Raye, and search guru Duog Cook), and the very public and open way in which the panel would be held.

The panel result is freely viewable on the Vino 2010 website, and has been included below in its entirety.  All 2+ hours of it.  If you care at all about wine PR, wine writing, wine blogging, and how to engage them all in the changing wine marketplace, then Id say all 2 hours are required viewing – and this is coming from a guy who normally cannot watch more than 3 consecutive minutes of video at any one time.

Why?  Because the panel members offer advice on how to engage wine writers in the new decade that is so spot-on it might as well be a blueprint for how it should be done.

Why is that important?  Because wine brands need to get into the engagement game if they have any prayer of truly understanding (and ultimately influencing) the conversations happening about their brands.

And I know of what I (virtually) speak here, because last week I started getting a firsthand lesson in brand-awareness…

You see, last week I started getting tweets that were phrased something like this:

“Dude – have you seen this presentation about wine and social media? There’s totally some slides about you in it.”

I hadn’t seen it.  If it hadn’t been for the twitter chatter, I might never have seen it.  And it turns out that Lift9 (the authors of the presentation – which is quite good, by the way) know more about than I do; at least, they know more about its potential reach and influence than I do.

In other words, Lift9 was talking about my brand.  And they had great info. about it.  And they were saying something positive about it. 

And I didn’t know it.

Now I know how wineries and PR folks feel! 

The difference between situations like that feeling exciting vs. them keeping you up at night is simple: knowledge.  Once you know how to identify those discussions, and decide which ones you’ll ignore and which ones you won’t, the whole thing seems much more like an endless stream of opportunities than a sequence of random chatter. 

Knowledge is power, and social media can give you that power.  But… you gotta use it first.  Watch the video, and you’ll be a hell of a lot closer to understanding how to use it.


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