The Thrill of Acknowledgement, The Agony of Shout-Outs

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Ok.  I wasn’t going to post about this, because quite frankly I’m starting to feel like I am treading a very fine line between self-serving, ego-stroking promotion of this blog and giving legitimate props to folks who are helping to make successful.

This kind of tears me up because I’ve been blessed with some great shout-outs for the blog. Naturally, one wants to kind of celebrate that but also, and more importantly, give some attention, thanks and promotion to the people who have been kind to you.

But I think it makes for some potentially terrible reading.  At best, it comes off as (hopefully short and) heartfelt; at worst… “Weeeeee! Lookatme!” boring.  Of course, not acknowledging a shout-out has the potential of leaving the other party feeling scorned.

What’s a blogger to do?

Scylla, meet Charybdis

Like Odysseus, I’ve opted to pass by the monster that (in my estimation anyway) would likely leave the fewest casualties, and – as you’ve probably figured out several paragraphs ago – just acknowledge the props and move on.  Here goes…

THANK YOU to Imbibe Magazine, who last week listed among their 10 wine blogs worth a click.

Imbibe called me ‘Quick-witted and charming” which is the kind of flattery that goes a long way with me since it’s how I imagine myself in my dreams.  Of course, in my dreams I also have the snarl of Clint Eastwood, the ass-kicking ability of Chuck Norris, and the stare of Charles Bronson, only the stare can actually inflict physical pain on my enemies and creates beams of energy that can not only make things explode but can also be used to change an overly cold glass of wine so that it is at perfect serving temperature (this is a precision Charles Bronson devastating eye-beam, obviously). Imbibe said nothing about eye-beams.


I am in some amazing company when it comes to their other nine choices, by the way:

Fantastic writers in that list, all of whom I’ve been following for quite some time with the exception of Swirl Smell Slurp, who until now I wasn’t aware of but since checking them out have been blown away and who I now consider just as awesome as the rest of the Imbibe picks.

I really cannot recommend the above list of blogs and their authors highly enough – I hope all of those picks make it into your RSS readers!







  • Mark Cochard

    I was going to give you a shout on twitter yesterday but figured you get around to it yourself. Way cool.

    • 1WineDude

      Yeah, yeah… alriiiiiight… :-)

  • Gary "Iron" Chevsky

    Congrats! Darn it though, the only reason the Iron Chevsky blog is not there on the list is my lack of shameless self-promotion!!! You know the one that leaves comments on other people's blogs mentioning!

    Best regards & keep on writing!
    Iron Chevsky

    • 1WineDude

      Ha! Now you're learning…!

  • Ron Washam, HMW

    Congratulations, Joe! Though I'm guessing you have more readers than Imbibe has subscribers. Though I love their sister publication Mastication Monthly.

    And thanks for the list. Nine more targets!

    • 1WineDude

      Go get 'em, bro – though you may want to assess their abilities to laugh at themselves first ;-).


      • Jason

        Joe, thanks for the nice words and, ahem, nice traffic.

        Ron, bring it.


        • 1WineDude

          Careful what you wish for, man – Ron has a rapier-like wit that is regularly re-sharpened on the scattered carcass-like remains of the wine blogging world's egos! :)

        • Ron Washam, HMW

          I've never read your blog, Jason, as no doubt you've never read mine. But I'll check it out and see what comes to my twisted brain, if anything. My "rapier-like wit" pretty much does what it likes. And I've barely even started on 1WineDude.

          But, thanks, Joe, for the kind words.

          • 1WineDude

            If you've barely even started on my blog, then I am totally screwed! :-)

            • Ron Washam, HMW

              Do something as egregiously asinine as Alder does on a regular basis, and, well, a HoseMaster's gotta do what a HoseMaster's gotta do.

  • @suburbanwino

    Joe, you have a blog?! What's the web address??

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