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Interviewing Winemakers, Old Vines, And… Alpacas

Vinted on May 9, 2012 binned in going pro

So it’s not just you – I really have been popping up all over the place lately.

In what was an odd but fun (there’s a fitting life summary, actually…) stretch for me, I was interviewed several times over the past several days, twice for radio (on WBAL’s The Sipping Point and The Wine Crush with Laura Lawson – embedded below for your listening pleasure, if you consider me rambling about eating insects pleasurable, that is), and my Wined Down column starting running in earnest on

So if you’re not already sick of me, I thought I’d share some of the video content I’ve been producing for the blog.

I’ve had a lot of (odd) fun with that video material, the settings of which have had me interacting with winemakers, 100+ year old vines, and large mountain-dwelling mammals (that last one – understandably – didn’t make the cut for the blog, but can still be viewed on their YouTube channel).

Anyway, while I’m dealing with the insane logistics of a rapid turn-around from Colorado to touring a large part of the wine regions spanning Australia (more on that one when I get a chance to poke my on-line head out from Down Undah!), here’s a run-down of the vids I’ve published for them so far, in the hopes that you’ll find some enjoyment out of them (and give me your feedback!):

Wine Crush with Laura Lawson





Me, You And, Too

Vinted on February 15, 2012 binned in going pro

I’m happy to announce what most of you reading this already know, which is that I’m now a featured contributor to the video blog on You can check out my first installment, in which I brave the wilderness of my backyard to talk about the brouhaha surrounding the Natural Wine movement.

The idea behind my vid series over at is to take the concept I tried out in “simplifying” the world of Port in about 5 minutes of video, and use that compressed-and-pithy format to dissect other aspects of the wine world, wine biz and wine industry. It’s a paying gig – modest, but fun, and it’s great to be working with the team at again, who are an amicable (and smart, particularly when it comes to leveraging social media to engage their customers) bunch.

Does this mean fewer episodes of the already-too-infrequent 1WineDude TV?

The short answer is, “yeah, sort of.”

BUT… having said that… the “sort of” part probably needs a bit of embellishment…

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