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Weekly Wine Quiz: Who’s Down With VDP?

Vinted on January 11, 2013 binned in wine quiz

Welcome to the Weekly Wine Quiz!

This week, we’re continuing the German wine theme, and also continuing the relatively-new format of redirecting your answer back to the Local Wine Events website for each answer (where I originally host the quizzes, via the LWE weekly newsletter, The Juice). Get your German dictionary out, because you might need it for today’s question…

Who’s Down With VDP? True or False: The Verband Deutscher Qualitäts und Prädikatsweingüter (thankfully shortened to the much more manageable “VDP”) in Germany is the world’s oldest association of wine estates.

Cheers – and good luck!




Weekly Wine Quiz: Honey, I’m Late (Harvested)!

Vinted on January 4, 2013 binned in wine quiz

Welcome to the Weekly Wine Quiz!

This week, I’m kicking off a series of questions about German wine, and also trying a new Quiz format for the new year.

Instead of using comments to reveal the answer, I’m directing you back to the Local Wine Events website when you click on your best answer guess-timate (LWE is where the quizzes are originally hosted, and sent out to a couple of hundred thousand wine lovers via the LWE weekly newsletter, The Juice).

You’re still welcome to use the comments, of course, and hopefully we can continue to rib each other there in these weekly quiz posts, but I think this nove is for the best as I’m increasingly finding that I’m a) not able to always get back with the correct answer within a reasonable timeframe, and b) certainly not consistently able to provide it at the same time every week.

And so I’ll try this format for a bit (rather than just calling it quits on the quiz altogether, since I’ve received almost exclusively positive feedback over the last twelve months about including these questions here on 1WD). Your feedback is, of course, welcome (not that I can stop you from giving it even if I wanted to!).

Honey, I’m Late (Harvested)! In what year was the first Spätlese (late-harvested) Riesling vintage in Germany?

Cheers – and good luck!




Weekly Wine Quiz: Raw-hyde!

Vinted on December 28, 2012 binned in wine quiz

Welcome to the Weekly Wine Quiz! Maybe we can twist your brain a bit and give you a few minutes’ break from that mess you left under the tree…

As always with this quiz, I supply the quiz question but not the answer – not right away, anyway. YOU provide your best guess as to the correct answer in the comments section. Then, you can tune in later today when I will reveal the official correct answer (usually along with some other interesting related trivia tidbits) in the comments. Let’s boogie!

Raw-hyde:  What is the world’s most aldehydic wine?

Cheers, and good luck!




Weekly Wine Quiz: Octalactating

Vinted on August 24, 2012 binned in wine quiz

Welcome back to the Weekly Wine Quiz, my friends!

Based on feedback from ever-so-vocal-and-intelligent peeps like you, I supply the quiz question each week, but do *not* supply the quiz answer directly in the post. That’s because YOU are supposed to supply the answer in the comments, and then tune back in later today in the comments section for the official answer. This week, we’re wrapping the foray into the science of oak aging, with a not-so-easy question to put your wine smarties through the staves…


Methyl octalactones imparted to wine by the wood from aging in oak barrels can be an important source of aroma development in wines meant for aging. What aroma characteristic do they give to a wine?

  • A. Leather
  • B. Vanilla
  • C. Toasted bread
  • D. Coconut

Cheers – and good luck!




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