Special Announcement: Wine Blogging Wednesday 75 “Singles Night” On March 21st! #WBW75

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Ladies and gentle-guzzlers…

I’m pleased to announce that 1WineDude.com will be hosting Wine Blogging Wednesday #75 (holy crap! seventy-five?!??) on Wednesday March 21st!

The entire idea behind WBW is to get YOU involved, tasting, and talking – so please share and retweet the living hell out of this because it’s only going to be as awesome as YOU make it (and you don’t do anything un-awesome, right?).

And let’s not even get into how awesome it is to be part of something that has run on-line for 75 consecutive months. Sh*t, most wine brands probably don’t last 75 consecutive months these days!

WBW 75’s theme is “Singles Night” – which does not mean that you should be drinking alone (not that there’s anything necessarily wrong if you do… we’re not judging you here…); it means we’re going to taste and talk about wines that come from single vineyards. One of the most special aspects of wine is that I can connect you with a particular time (a vintage) and a particular place on earth (a vineyard). Few other foodstuffs can offer such magic, so on March 21st we’re going to go big for numero 75 and celebrate both.

Here’s the skinny on how you can participate in #WBW75 “Singles Night”…

  • Your mission is to procure a wine produced from grapes grown in a single vineyard, and tell the world about it on March 21st.
  • You can pick any wine style, made from any grape(s), hailing from any region of the world – go nuts, go obscure, go fun and wow us all with your smarties.
  • The only catch is that the wine’s grapes should come from a single vineyard. And look, we’re not nazis on this… so if you come close and get a wine made from two or three vineyard parcels, we’ll let it slide – the point is to get as close to a wine coming from one single plot of land as you can, to emphasize how what’s special about that place on Earth gets transmitted to you through that wine (yes… we’re talking terroir here, people).
  • On March 21st, leave a comment here on 1WineDude.com (I’ll be posting a SV wine review on that day), or on the Wine Blogging Wednesday website, with either your thoughts on the wine you chose or a link to a blog post you write about that wine,
  • Follow me on Facebook and comment on my wall on March 21st with either your thoughts on the wine you chose or a link to a blog post you write about that wine,
  • Follow me on twitter and tweet your little heart out on March 21st about your wine choice on March 21st using the hashtag #WBW75

After March 21st, I’ll be on the hook to publish a “wrap-up” post with links to everyone’s contributions (just give me some slack on when I post that… I’m the dad of a busy toddler, alright?)

You’ve got exactly one month, peeps – get cracking, and get your hands on some awesome SV juice to share with the world!

Special thanks to WBW organizers Tim Elliott and Lenn Thompson for letting me unleash on WBW again. This is gonna be fun, and I cannot wait to see what you all come up with. See you at “Singles Night” on March 21st!






  • 1WineDude

    Thanks, Alissa! Looking forward to checking that out! Pretty tasty wines being made there.

  • SAHMmelier

    Looking forward to it! For those in the NY area, I am posting a review of Lamoreaux Landing Single Vineyard Rieslings today for some inspiration.

  • art predator

    Great prompt, Joe! I'm excited about participating once again! I'm thinking I might go local and do an Ojai Vineyard's syrah from Adam Tolmach's Roll Ranch by March 21. I've got a bottle on hand but I want to go up to the vineyard and do some photos etc since it's a short drive from my house.

    Gotta point out though that while this may be WBW #75, WBW hasn't run for that many consecutive months. In the past few years, it's had some fits and starts–absent for part of 2010 and most of 2011. I hope that in 2012, it continues with more regularity!

    PS Doing my best about how I use my superpowers…

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, AP! Sorry if I goofed the detail on the WBW running time, but can't wait to see what you post. Cheers!

  • carinne

    Love it! so many good ideas with this one.

    • 1WineDude

      Awesome, looking forward to your contribution!

  • @12x75

    Joe – I think this is a great idea !!! Look forward to following along

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, 12 – looking forward to your contribution!

  • Todd - VT Wine Media

    This really ought to bring out the lurkers…I'm expecting a healthy response for the WBW.
    I'm going with the local and somewhat obscure.

    • 1WineDude

      Todd – nice! Can’t wait to see what you go with!

  • grapefriend

    Awesome! Now just have to figure out which wine to drink… dilemmas, dilemmas…

    • 1WineDude

      grapefriend – Nice! Looking forward to seeing what you decide to go with!

  • Brian

    Here is my entry: http://www.jonesingforwine.com/2012/03/kastania-v

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks Brian!

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