Sedimental Journeys, Touchscreen Style (The Wine Mag Hits The iPad)

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Nomad Editions Uncorked might not be the first iPad-designed electronic wine magazine to hit the virtual iStore shelves (that distinction belongs to the relatively-expensive-when-it-comes-to-these-things $4-a-pop publication By The Grape, whose first issue seems obsessively preoccupied with Jancis Robinson), but as far as I’m aware it’s the first one to mention dog’s sniffing each other’s butts.

I contributed an article to Uncorked’s “Sedimental Journies” section for the May 6, 2011 preview issue of Uncorked, titled “Sippin’ And Sniffin’ With Fido (Wine tips from a true connoisseur: your mutt)” which you can now check out for free (I didn’t write that title, by the way – you can tell because it doesn’t explicitly mention doggie butt-sniffing).  You can subscribe via iTunes for $0.99 a month, which seems a reasonable price to me (but hey, look who’s talking, I don’t even own an iPad).  I think what’s supposed to happen now is that you read the article, then write to the editor to tell him how talented and good-looking I am (and we’re both comfortable enough with each other that we can lie that way, right?)…

The publication of Uncorked comes at a timely moment for me, since I am currently in the processes of helping to rehabilitate Brunello, our recently-rescued, ridiculously-oversized, pitifully-anxious Cane Corso / Doberman mix. Anyway, for those of you playing along at home, things on the rehab front are going… well, okay

Our huge pup is gaining weight like a champ (over 90 lbs already!), is already housebroken, and is great outside, good with people, and well-socialized with other poochies.  But poor Bruno suffers from a very bad case of house-destroying separation anxiety and is capable of unintended wanton destruction when he gets playful. So the jury is still out for us but we’re trying!  Okay, before this doggie update thing turns into the on-line equivalent of the “picture of the two kids on the desk of the used car salesman,” let’s get back to wine…

How does the topic of wine translate to the pixelated iPad page?  Probably better than it translates to immature analogies involving dog-butt-sniffing.  But I’ll need you to tell me, because I’ve steered well clear of the iPad productivity roadblock myself. I’m not saying that the iPad isn’t an amazing content consumption device – it’s the best content consumption device I’ve ever seen; but I am saying that I do way more content creation these days than content consumption, and there’s no way I’m going to spend extra coin trying to turn an iPad into something it’s not (namely, a laptop PC running Windows 7, which is what I bought with my $550 iPad fund instead) just to suit my lifestyle and workflow.

So there you have it: dog butts, iPads, and wine.  And Windows 7.  Right – I definitely need a drink now…





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