Rock My Pinot Like A Wagon Wheel (MacPhail Recent Releases)

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MacPhail Mardikian Pinot

Have metallic embossed label, will travel

Before you ask… yes, I am still not quite up to the full-on feature articles, and am woefully behind. Look, I’ve got major issues on the homestead, people, so you’re going to need to be patient (or, simply enthrall yourselves with any of the other billion English-language wine blogs out there for now).

The issues have not stopped me from imbibing wine, however (even after having mouth surgery – oh yeah, who’s your drinkin’ daddy?!??). Hey, this is me we’re talking about, here!

Fortunately for both of us, the sample pool gods hath been smilingly generous towards me in my time of personal woe. Thanks to them, I can throw the following wines and resulting frissons of gustatory excitement out at you, my friends.

Just so long as you don’t mind a penchant for wagon pictures on wine labels, or Pinots that clock in at over 14% alcohol (please… leave that abv-hate at the virtual door before entering here, ok?); trust me, James MacPhail knows what the f–k he’s doing with his Pinot…

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Wine Reviews: Weekly Mini Round-Up For March 23, 2015

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So, like, what is this stuff, anyway?
I taste a bunch-o-wine (technical term for more than most people). So each week, I share some of my wine reviews (mostly from samples) and tasting notes with you via twitter (limited to 140 characters). They are meant to be quirky, fun, and easily-digestible reviews of currently available wines. Below is a wrap-up of those twitter wine reviews from the past week (click here for the skinny on how to read them), along with links to help you find these wines, so that you can try them for yourself. Cheers!

  • 12 Weingut Clemens Busch vom Grauen Schiefer Riesling Trocken (Mosel): Has a mantra; & that mantra is "slate! citrus! slate! citrus!" $30 B+ >>find this wine<<
  • 12 Anaba Sonoma Coast Chardonnay (Sonoma Coast): Like finding just a little steak of pure gold embedded in a pretty river rock. $28 B+ >>find this wine<<
  • 12 Anaba Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir (Sonoma Coast): And for that effort, please proceed to the front of the class, my young lad! $34 A- >>find this wine<<
  • 08 Glen Carlou Grand Classique (Paarl): Did we just see this red flip the bird to all of its naysayers? Yeah, I think we just did. $20 A- >>find this wine<<
  • 12 Penner-Ash Wine Cellars Willamette Valley Riesling (Willamette Valley): Brought to you by the letter Z; apparently for Zippiness. $20 B+ >>find this wine<<
  • 11 Vall Llach Embruix (Priorat): Funky, fruity, full-bodied, & full of familiar ripe flavors to fit your fancy for steak pairings. $25 B+ >>find this wine<<
  • 08 Claudia Xinomavro Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon (Chalkidiki): Put on a few pounds, it seems, but still able to go several rounds. $25 B+ >>find this wine<<
  • 13 Claudia Viognier Assyrtiko (Chalkidiki): Tropical, vibrant, and exotic enough to satisfy your kingly Macedonian vinous thirst. $25 B+ >>find this wine<<
  • 09 Meerlust Rubicon (Stellenbosch): A broad back, clad in leather, with a head wreathed in circles of long, spicy, aromatic smoke. $30 B+ >>find this wine<<
  • 10 Bonny Doon Vineyard Le Cigare Volant (Central Coast): Cool climate pepper, & a bard's heart, lend pep to the juiciness therein. $45 A- >>find this wine<<



Furmint Adventures Episode 11: Gizella Cellar

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I do believe that our Furmint adventures, alas, come to an end with this episode, the eleventh in the series (more were filmed, but I’m not sure in what context those will be cropping up; when they do I will let you know). Special thanks to all of those who were responsible for making this happen; I will treasure the memories, the wines, and the insane amount of inside jokes that were added to my already peripatetic personal narrative!

Gizella Cellar

Going Pro with A Go Pro in Tokaj

We go out strong, my friends: in this incarnation, I meet the young and social-media-savvy winemaker László Szilágyi, who hikes me up a steep vineyard, let’s me go a bit crazy with his Go Pro camera, and puts my taste-buds to the test with two of his finest Furmint wines from the Gizella Cellar label.

The wines are excellent… almost as good as the views from the top of the vineyard, and almost as fun as horsing around with a Go Pro.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the Furmint USA video series (if you enjoyed them a tenth as much as I did making them, we will have accomplished something!).

Furmint Adventures Episode 11: Gizella Cellar





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