How Should Wine Be Marketed To YOU? (Survey)

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I was recently contacted by Rachel Lewis, who is currently working on a marketing master thesis centering on consumer preferences in the US wine market.  And YOU can help!

According to Rachel:

“I am currently doing my marketing master thesis for the Aarhus School of Business located in Aarhus, Denmark. I am originally from Minnesota which is part of the reason I wanted to focus on the US market.

I have always had an interest in wine and an urge to learn more so I thought this would be an excellent opportunity. My thesis is focusing more on the consumer aspect of the wine market. Essentially, the reasons why people are buying the wine they buy.

Wine drinkers (your blog readers) should want to fill the survey out because it is essentially a way for them to tell these wine makers their purchasing behaviors and wine preferences. For people who strongly purchase based on the origin and grape of the wine, marketers will be able to define this segment and market specifically to it.  It is a way of matching the products to the right consumers.  So consumers (wine drinkers) are aware of the products (and buy the products) that align with their preferences.”

Rachel expects to have the results of the data available in about a month, which I plan to share here if possible.  So, if you can spare a few minutes, fill out the survey and have your say about how wine should be marketed to you so you can get closer to the type of wines you really want.






  • vinogirl

    She might want to contact Paul Wagner of Balzac Communications & Marketing
    [email protected]

    • 1WineDude

      I dig the folks at Balzac – they do a great job of outreaching to wine bloggers, btw.

  • nasi

    I love wine but don't wish to spend lots of time neither efforts to learn and understand about how it is produced neither where exactly and of course have no interest about soils or the history of a family I don't know… so what I wish is to get "tags" which are safe values when I wish to purchase a wine, and easy to remember please! for instance, last week I learnt the word "Chablis" as a nice white wine to bring to a dinner, so simple!

    • 1WineDude

      Nice idea, nasi – sounds like you need a marketing campaign the translate the AOC system of France (trust me, most of us need that!).

  • El Jefe

    Just because I tell you how I want wine to be marketed to me, doesn't mean that is actually the best way to market wine to me…

    • 1WineDude

      True, Jefe – but it might get people closer to the best way…

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