Let’s Kick Alzheimer’s Ass, Together (With A Giveaway!)

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I’ve been churning out content on 1WineDude.com for about five years, and over the last year or two articles have been posted here just about five days a week.

Total cost to you, aside from your time and smarties, is somewhere around $0.00.

Kick Alzheimer's Ass[24]But today… Today, I’m asking you to pay up. But not to me.

Today I’m asking you to pay it forward and donate to the Alzheimer’s Association in the name of my grandmother Lucille, a breast cancer survivor who succumbed to Alzheimer’s when in her 90s, and whose birthday I’d be celebrating this week if she were still alive.

$5 is the minimum donation. That’s it – five bucks to help make the world a better place in the future, five bucks to pay it forward so that someone else’s family will have grandparents who remember their faces and names until the day that they die, and not have their memories robbed from them by Alzheimer’s. And as you’re helping to make a difference, you might win something, too…

Helping to make a difference today couldn’t be easier, and you can do it with the spare change that probably fell between your sofa cushions. But to do it, you need to just DO IT, now.

To sweeten the deal for you in these tough economic times, and to get the donation juices flowing, I’m giving away an unopened, brand-spanking new copy of Michael Schuster’s combination wine game and tasting course, Wine Tasting Uncorked: Guided Tasting Courses and Tips(about a $15 value) to a randomly selected donor, provided that you donate within the next week (that means the giveaway will end on August 22nd at 11:59PM ET).

So get cracking, and make the world a better place already, will ya?

Cheers – and thanks for your generosity!





  • The Frugal Tasters

    Awesome! We can all most definitely afford to donate 5 bucks. Great cause Joe!

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks! And please spread the word!

  • Therese

    My dad (age 84) has just been diagnosed with early stage dementia & Alzheimer's. So, yeah, it's now a personal fight!
    I've ponied up. Let's go!

    • 1WineDude

      Therese – I'm so sorry to hear that. Wishing you all the best, and THANK YOU for your generosity!!

  • Christian Donations

    My girlfriends grandmother suffered from this horrible disease. It's important for families to know that there is so much help out there for the patients and their families.

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