February 2014 Answers.com Wine Articles Roundup (Snowmaggedon Edition)

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After the most recent Snowmaggedon, which, if I’ve got my facts straight, is the 47th of the current Winter season, I can now tell you that I hate snow and ice. I think it’s only temporary, but I currently hate snow and ice with a fiery passion that rivals the hot intensity of the Earth’s molten core.

I hate snow as much as I hate the Dallas Cowboys. Ok, ok, you’re right, that’s extreme. Of course I hate the Dallas Cowboys more than I hate snow and ice (Go Steelers, etc., etc., etc.). I think.

Anyway… despite the number that snow shoveling has done to my poor degenerative-disk-laden back this past month, I did manage to maintain a sitting posture long enough to construct quite a few Wine.Answers.com articles for your wine-learning pleasure, including a few interviews with rock-star winemakers, a book review of what I consider to be a downright classic in the wine canon, and a comparison of some wine cellar monitoring tech that I put through the ringer…

First, let’s hit the books:

On the product review front, I put two wine cellar monitoring systems to the test in February:

  • the Sensorist (which includes a geekily-handy in-bottle probe for measuring wine temperature in your storage)…
  • aaaannnnnd the Elertus (which has an equally handy sensor for alerting you when your wine cooler/fridge door has been opened… those rotten kids!!!). The short version of the story is that the Sensorist is an almost-addictive pleasure to setup and use, while the Elertus is buggy as hell and to me seemed not quite ready for prime time. Both aren’t cheap, by the way.

Two grape varieties got deep dives this month:

And just for fun:






  • @italianwineguy

    you forgot Barry Switzer and his eponymous wine label….or maybe being a Steelers fan, you didnt forget.

    • 1WineDude

      Oh, I “forgot” Switzer, all right…

  • @italianwineguy

    you forgot Barry Switzer and his eponymous wine label….or maybe being a Steelers fan, you didnt forget.

    btw – Terry Bradshaw has a better taste in wine, imo

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