Don’t Feed the Trolls Part Deux: Tales from the Snake-Pit

Vinted on August 25, 2008 binned in commentary

Remember earlier today, when I said it was “Non-Post Week” here at

Ok, so I lied.

Well, I didn’t intend to lie, it just, kind of… you know… happened.

I’m interrupting (already!) our previously scheduled ‘Non-Post’ week non-event to share with you a link to my buds over at Wine Biz Radio, who were kind enough to have me on today’s episode of their radio show / podcast, where I discuss my thoughts on the recent Wine Spectator chaos, as well as my recent experience “interacting” in their on-line forum (a.k.a, “the snake-pit“).

Check it out here: .

Ok. Back to not posting. I promise this time!






  • Denise

    YIKES! The snake pit…. I think I’d rather drink MD 20/20 … LOL!


  • weeree san

    ‘Vin-dicator’ lives. Hmmm…tights yellow…cape blue…body suit red. Go Vindicator.

  • Joe Roberts, CSW

    I actually know people who still drink MD… :-P

    weeree san – alright, alright… I *know* ;-) But the radio show was *before* you folks told me to stop wasting my time on the forum. Of course, that doesn’t explain why I am still posting over there… (doh!)

  • Enobytes

    As stated on Twitter, it’s not worth the initiation fee and the headache. I’m afraid your good deeds and suggestions are falling on deaf ears…


    BTW – does WS have a PR dept???

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