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Finding, Collecting, Drinking And… Marketing! (May 2018 Wine Product Review Round-up)

Vinted on May 30, 2019 binned in wine books, wine products

It has been quite a good long while since we did a product round-up here on 1WD, and judging by the size of the pile of wine books samples in my office, it’s now high-time that we rectify that. Either that, or I’m going to have a hospital bill in my future after tripping on all of these dead trees…

Given the personal risk of the situation described above, I’m going to defer the final entry in my Southern Rhône series to next week, so that we can get you the skinny on a handful of new wine book releases (and perhaps save me a broken toe or two).

Find Your Wine: A fun and easy guide to selecting the right wine, every time (by Kaytie Norman & Nick Johnson, Media Lab Books, 96 pages, about $17)

Find Your Wine

Does the world need yet another how-to-select-a-wine book? Not really. But the world doesn’t really need any more cat memes, either. Both the kitties photos and Find Your Wine have places in this world, however, because both are pretty adorable. Yes, I am really saying that about a wine book. Aimed squarely at beginners (assisting them in discovering personal tastes, finding wines to match, and learning more about the major grape varieties and styles of fine wine), Find Your Wine wins in its combination of making some rather complex wine topics seem approachable (to the point that even its quoted wine expert resources have toned down the rhetoric), and presenting everything in a layout that is so easily digestible that little children could navigate it without instruction. Which will either endear it totally to its recipient, or nauseate said recipient (see, that cat meme comparison really works)…

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Wine Product Review Roundup, 2018 Holiday Edition

Vinted on December 12, 2018 binned in wine products

We’re going to end the year with a bang on the Wine Product Review Roundup front, given that my travels in November necessitated that I miss that incarnation of this monthly post, and double-up on the number of products put under the review microscope. Hopefully this “holiday edition” (in terms of timing and volume, at least) will point you in the direction of a great stocking-stuffer (or two) for your greedy-ass self that wine geek on your Nice List.

PortoVino crossbody

First up is a product that, to this reviewer, at least, has an incredibly limited use-case scenario: the PortoVino Wine Messenger Bag (about $70). The premise here is that someone (presumably you) needs to a) be able to tote around an entire bottle of wine, b) keep it the appropriate temperature for as long as possible, c) pour it at a moments notice without drawing attention, and d) look incredibly stylish while doing all of the above. I don’t get it, either, but the PortoVino sample that I was sent is more handsome than just about any other piece of luggage that I own. It can function as a normal cross-body messenger bag, with a well-designed and modern interior, but also contains a “secret” compartment into which 1.5L of wine can be poured via removable plastic bag, with a bag-in-box style nozzle pourer that pops out of a flap-closed area on one side of the bag. A rather pricey novelty, I suppose, but one with classic good looks. If you’re a style-minded booze-hound. OK, whatever…

Amber Revolution

Next, we’ve got Amber Revolution: How the World Learned to Love Orange Wine (Interlink Books, 304 pages, about $35), a new book by Simon J. Woolf (Author) and fiend-of-1WD Ryan Opaz (photographer). This is a beautifully constructed, deftly designed, approachable, and well-written tome with one of the most flawed premises in the history of wine writing. The bottom line is that orange wine, as a category, has not been, is not now, nor will it ever be loved by the majority of wine drinkers. Having said that, the level of acceptance of the most capable examples of that much-maligned category has never been higher, and so the release of a good book that masterfully tells the stories of the regions and producers making the best orange wines – which as heart is what Amber Revolution truly is – has never been more timely…

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Pocket Full Of Passion (October 2018 Wine Product Roundup)

Vinted on October 24, 2018 binned in wine books, wine products

It’s time once again for Ye Olde Wine Product Review Roundup, in which I turn my critical Sauron-like eye towards wine-related samples that are (usually) inedible. We’re back to hitting the books this month, because, well, I have a sh*t ton of wine book samples piling up at 1WD HQ. Like, seriously, I am tripping over some of them at this point…

Hugh Johnson 2019 Pocket Wine BookFirst up is the 2019 edition of the perennially (literally) fantastic Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book (Mitchell Beazley, 336 pages, $17). If it seems like I talk about this little marvel of a wine reference every single year, it’s because I do. Once again, Johnson’s cast of contributing characters packs an almost unbelievable amount of useful information on most of the wine world’s important releases/producers/vintages/regions into an equally nearly unbelievably small space. Yeah, it really needs to be an annually updated or subscription-style mobile app at this point, but still, there’s good reason this book sits atop the best seller lists for wine guides for those of us who still occasionally pick up these things made from dead trees. The rotating essay topic this year’s Pocket Wine is Natural/Organic/Biodynamic wines, and it’s well-written and interesting, bringing a refreshingly non-partisan analysis of those categories and making a good case that, when it comes to fine wine production, being sustainable is actually quite mainstream…

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This Time, It’s Personal (September 2018 Wine Product Roundup)

Vinted on September 19, 2018 binned in wine products

Personal Wine 2018 1


For this month’s edition of the Wine Product Review Roundup, I’m taking a break from the not-really-getting-any-smaller pile of yet-to-be-reviewed wine books, and instead tackling the wears of wine products that don’t come with bindings and covers.

Personal Wine 2018 2First up is a customized, 1WD-themed package of goodies sent to me by Personal Wine, longtime purveyors of personalized wine labels and etchings. The PW folks decided to take the 1WD logo and work some of their magic on a wine box, as well as four bottles showcasing the possibilities with their labels and bottle etching.

PW has a fairly wide assortment of wines available at multiple price tiers, from $14 all the way up to about a grand (labeling is included, etching runs ab out $15 extra per bottle); from my sample package, I enjoyed the Wildcatter Cab (think dark and silky) and the Conde Laurel Cava Brut (admirably piquant for the price). The box is, well, basically a standard wooden wine box, but the etching is clean and the wood quality quite good. Overall, PW seems like a solid option if you’re considering personalized gifts for the wine-obsessed this holiday season….

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