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Weekly Twitter Wine Mini Reviews Round-Up For May 28, 2011

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Uhm, like what is this stuff?
I taste a bunch-o-wine (technical term for more than most people). So each week, I share some of my wine sample tasting notes via twitter (limited to 140 characters). They are meant to be fun and quickly-and-easily-digestible reviews. Below is a wrap-up of the twitter reviews from the past week (click here for the skinny on how to read them), along with links to help you find them so you can try them for yourself. Cheers!

  • 09 Domaine Brazilier Rose Gris (Côteaux du Vendomois): An off-the-beaten path that’s lined entirely with flower petals & white pepper $13 B- >>find this wine>>
  • 09 Pueblo Del Sol Tannat (Juanico, Uruguay): Fruity, brambly, lively & ordering a cheeseburger to pair with it like RIGHT NOW DAMMIT. $10 B- >>find this wine>>
  • 09 Chualar Canyon Coastview Vineyard Chardonnay (Monterey): It’s an apricot car, but the minerals are drivin’. Honk if you luv value. $25 B+ >>find this wine>>
  • 05 Michaud Syrah "The Pinnacles" (Monterey): Black-fruity & oh-so-forward, but earth, chalk & white pepper await the patient sipper. $34 B+ >>find this wine>>
  • 10 Principessa Gavia (Gavi): Like a cool, citrus-scented breeze on an otherwise unbearably hot, sultry Summer-scorcher of an evening. $13 B >>find this wine>>
  • 08 The Federalist Zinfandel (Dry Creek Valley): Apparently the Founding Fathers had a thing for very jammy blackberry fruit. Who knew. $25 B >>find this wine>>
  • 09 Tamas Estates Pinot Grigio (Central Coast): Picnic-ready, but probably playing 2nd fiddle to your Aunt’s casserole this Summer. $9 C+ >>find this wine>>
  • 08 Tamas Estates Double Decker Red (Central Coast): Fare’s cheap, fruit’s driving aggressively, & we’re stopping at complexity station $9 B- >>find this wine>>
  • 10 Tamas Estates Sangiovese Rosato (Livermore Valley): The entire watermelon’s somehow shoved into that glass (seeds and all). $18 B- >>find this wine>>
  • 08 Murrieta’s Well "The Spur" (Livermore Valley): Sweet spices are janglin’, but it’s ridin’ a lil’ too high on *very* ripe red fruit. $25 B >>find this wine>>
  • 08 Murrieta’s Well Anniversary Blend (Livermore Valley): Gritty & kik-ass like Eastwood wearin’ a dusty poncho in a spaghetti western $50 B+ >>find this wine>>
  • 07 Morandé Edición Limitada Organico Pinot Noir (Casablanca): Like a lovely, sexy chick wearing a distracting, kinda-ugly green dress. $23 B >>find this wine>>
  • 06 August Briggs Monte Rosso Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon (Sonoma Valley): Blackberry & choc. mint await those who can stand the heat. $55 B+ >>find this wine>>
  • 09 Alamos Torrontes (Salta): That pleasant sound? It’s the dolcet tone of future Summer nights spent drinking this expressive quaffer $12 B- >>find this wine>>
  • NV Poema Brut Cava (Cava): Instant green apple party at a price allowing you to always keep one chilled in the fridge for emergencies $12 B- >>find this wine>>
  • 08 Oscar’s Red Wine (Douro): Robust, dark, peppery & everything you’d expect from the Douro, but with a friendlier side. To the grill! $14 B >>find this wine>>
  • 08 Casa Silva Quinta Generación Red (Colchagua): Sleeker than one of their polo horses, but the shy fruit has me sitting on the fence. $27 B >>find this wine>>
  • 07 Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre Syrah (Cachapoal): Juicy, bright & leathery, but we are getting shelled in fruit-bomb-ish territory here $26 B >>find this wine>>
  • 09 Zuccardi Serie A Malbec (Mendoza): Dark reds, oaky, toasty, but a little on the reticent side. One wonders what he’s waiting for? $14 B- >>find this wine>>



Weekly Twitter Wine Mini Reviews Round-Up For May 21, 2011

Vinted on May 21, 2011 binned in wine mini-reviews
  • 07 Twisted Oak "The Spaniard" (Calaveras County): Savory, inspired red blend that is most certainly not "unemployed in Greenland." $49 A- #
  • 08 Bonny Doon "Le Cigare Blanc" (Arroyo Seco): The lady’s a little bit fat, but she’s singing of quince – & boy, can she ever sing. $19 B #
  • 10 Bogatell Garnacha Blanca (Terra Alta): Like Dr. Who’s TARDIS, packs way more melon than should realistically fit inside of 750ml. $12 B- #
  • 06 St Francis Merlot (Sonoma County): Lots of red fruits & confidence (and it ought to be confident, because it’s pretty damn solid!). $17 B #
  • NV Domaine Carneros Brut Rosé Cuvee de la Pompadour (Carneros): Almost as light as the elegant rose petals of which it will remind you $35 B #
  • 05 Cornerstone Cellars Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley): Young, promising but livin in the shadow of its 04 older bro $75 B+ #
  • 08 D’Alessandro Nero d’Avola (Sicilia): Enough black plum for a grocery store Produce department, enough grit for a Spaghetti Western $15 B- #
  • 09 VIVI Primitivo (Puglia): Mr. Spicy Red Berry is nice, but has a lingering odor that’s a little too Primitivo if you catch my drift. $10 C #
  • 09 VIVI Falanghina (Campania): Lime, flowers & apples with a bite strong enough that it needs Chicken Alfredo to be fully tamed. $10 C+ #
  • 09 Sacha Lichine "Vins Sans Frontiers" Sauvignon Blanc (Vin de Pays d’Oc): Refreshing, like water, which it more-or-less tastes like. $10 C #
  • 08 Sacha Lichine "Vins Sans Frontiers" Cabernet/Merlot (Vin de Pays d’Oc): Hi! I’m fruiy! Really fruity! Did I mention I was fruity? $10 C+ #
  • 10 Santa Carolina Reserva Sauvignon Blanc (Leyda Valley): The forecast calls for vibrant, tropical weather. Vino-wise, that is. $10 B- #
  • NV Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Rosé (Champagne): I’ll take my earthy red berries on 7-grain bread with a side of rose petals, please. $47 B+ #
  • NV Graham Beck Brut Rose (Western Cape): Lavenders & red berries in a simple presentation, but sometimes simple is *just* right. $15 B- #
  • NV Graham Beck Brut (Western Cape): Under-ripe pear is about all that’s there. But the rich mouthfeel just might keep you sippin’. $16 B- #
  • 09 Valckenberg Dornfelder (Rheinhessen): Here we go ’round the blackberry bush, the blackberry bush, the blackberry bush… $12 B- #



Weekly Twitter Wine Mini Reviews Round-Up For May 14, 2011

Vinted on May 14, 2011 binned in wine mini-reviews
  • 07 Dry Creek Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel (Dry Creek Valley): The vines are old but their spicy dark juice has several yrs ahead of it $28 B+ #
  • 10 Crios Torrontes (Salta): Boom! Lychee shakes the room! Boom! Lychee shakes the room! Boom! Tick… Tick… Tick… BOOM! $15 B #
  • NV Bear Flag "Dark Red Wine Blend" (CA): Like Iron Man 2, the middle drags but the start & end are actually pretty damn entertaining. $9 B- #
  • NV Bear Flag "Bright White Wine Blend" (CA): The melons & limes are bright, all right, but they also come off way, way too cheerful. $9 C+ #
  • 08 Smith-Madrone Chardonnay (Napa Valley): Like ‘The Rock’ of Nap Chards; big, a bit obnoxious, but in its own way totally brilliant. $30 B+ #
  • 04 Torbreck RunRig (Barossa): For big Shiraz lovers, this is the hedonistic vinous equivalent of owning your own tropical island. $160 A #
  • 08 Chateau Tanuda Noble Baron Cabernet Sauvignon (Barossa): A commoner’s concentration, but w/ herbal minty action worth of nobility. $50 B+ #
  • 09 Hugel et Fils “HUGEL” Riesling (Alsace): Young, agreeable but has a caustic austere side. Best to let him settle down (for 3+ yrs). $24 B #



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