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Happy Birthday (Dude’s Greatest Hits)

Vinted on February 26, 2008 binned in about 1winedude blog, best of quietly turns 1 year old today!

I say quietly, because 1) I prefer intimate birthday parties, and 2) while this blog is technically 1 year old, it’s only really been
‘all-grows-up’ since October 2007, when Dude started “taking this blogging thing a bit more seriously,” as they say. Not sure exactly who ‘they’ are, but I’m pretty sure ‘they’ say that.

To celebrate this mini-momentous occasion, I thought that I’d join the time-honored tradition exercised by so many other blogs, musical acts, and aging TV sitcoms by essentially giving myself the day off, and rehashing previously published content!

Kind of like they did on “The Facts of Life” with “throwback” footage, back when it featured George Clooney (by the way, I used to have hair like that… though I think I’ve destroyed most of the photographic proof in an incinerator somewhere in Northern NJ).

So, for your reading pleasure, I offer you Dude’s Greatest Hits: A Collection of the Most Visited Posts from

  1. Does this Wine Make Me Look Fat? – Apparently a lot of people (and I mean a lot) want to know the answer to that question!
  2. Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus – But There’s No Such Thing as Sulfite-Free Wine – Dude always takes pleasure is busting up a wine myth; I’m just glad this one helped provide some clarity around the confusing topic of wine allergies and sulfites.
  3. How To Become a Wine Geek Part II: Taste – This is the post that, while sort of stating the obvious, provided the groundwork for my first eBook.
  4. The Top 10 Wine Books You Really Need – I should know, I’ve read almost all of ‘em!
  5. Hey, You Like One of Them Thar Some-Yeahs? – Trying to shed some light on the ultra-confusing world of wine education and certifications.
  6. Making Sense of Wine 2.0 – YOU have the power – now go on out there and make it happen, people!
  7. Wine Communism: U.S. State’s Non-Compliance to Wine Shipping Laws – One of a few posts that will probably ensure that I am audited on my PA State income taxes for the next 5 years straight.
  8. 20 Things I Learned About Life from Drinking Wine – A little glass of Wine Zen.

I need to give a special mention to 2 other posts that, while they may not have gotten a substantial amount of website hits, I had to include for historical purposes:


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Vinted on December 30, 2006 binned in about 1winedude blog

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Code of Ethics

Vinted on December 17, 2006 binned in about 1winedude blog

Code of Ethics

For the sake of transparency, I’ve outlined my personal blogging code of conduct / ethics below. I welcome any questions, concerns, or comments you may have about these – the bottom line in all of this is that I am here in the blogosphere to be as fair and genuine as possible in what I write.

I am not a journalist by education or by trade. For the most part, as much as is reasonably possible, I follow the blogging code of ethics as outlined at this link.

I am not directly affiliated with any of the companies or websites linked on this blog, apart from advertisers / affiliate programs who (obviously) pay me in some way/shape/form to be listed in the sidebar and affiliate links that help you find wine or products mentioned here (those have no influence on the critical aspects of the site – I get the same amount if you click on a link to a wine I pan or praise).

For the purposes of creating content, I do not work in a paid capacity for/with any wine shops, wine retailers, wine stores, winemakers, or wineries. Therefore, I consider myself an independent source of wine information, and I choose what I what to write about, what I say about each topic, and when it gets published.

Reviews and Junkets

I reserve the right to refuse to review any wine that is sent to me for the purpose of a review on this blog. If a winery or distributor sends me a wine, and I do decide to review it, I review it objectively. That doesn’t mean I am without subjective taste preferences – it means that I might give it a bad review if I find the wine to be of poor quality.

Similarly, I’m not opposed to junkets, dinners for wine tastings, events, or lodging at/by wineries – but I won’t accept them if they come with any conditions, and if I take part in them I reserve the right to write objectively about the junket and its wines (or possibly not to write about it at all… ah, you get the idea…).

As a general rule, I do NOT taste & review wines blind. This is because I don’t know anyone in the normal world who drinks their wines blind with dinner.

Unless otherwise stated, every product and/or wine reviewed on is a sample provided to me (though never in exchange for coverage or promotion on this website).  I do not accept offers for sponsored content here on

I make no claims or guarantees whatsoever as to whether or not this blog and its contents will entertain/educate/enlighten/offend/exacerbate you, incite riots, contribute to the fall of Communism, make the roads safe for cyclists, or give you the ability to produce useful mechanized farm equipment from pieces of clay and raw hemp.

I do hope it will help you to enhance your appreciation of wine, however!

Comments Policy

I want to encourage lively, respectful and fun debate in this blog.  In fact, this thing is really boring without YOUR input – so feel free to contribute often.  We need to keep it clean, though, so any comments that appear to fall into the following categories will be deleted (repeat offenses will get you booted from leaving comments altogether):

  • Spam (duh)
  • Comments that violate any U.S. law
  • Obscene or threatening language, or attacks/insults that are personal in nature this is a site for adults, and colorful language is okay, but don’t take things too far)
  • Blatant product promotion
  • Intellectual property right violations (or potential violations)
  • Private information / data published without prior consent
  • Comments that are blatantly off topic or that link to off-topic material


I do not provide e-mail addresses or other information that may be collected on (through the contact form or through the comments engine) to any third parties; they are stored only in the password-protected systems of my E-mail program and the blogging platform (WordPress), only because I’ve got no idea how to prevent those systems from storing them.  Demographics and other information is provided to potential advertisers only in the aggregate (e.g., “X% of readers live in the U.S.”), and no specific individual information is ever used for that purpose. Advertisers may be placing and reading cookies on users browsers, or using web beacons or similar technology to collect information in the course of Advertising being served on (if you aren’t down with that, there are plenty of browser add-ons out there that, once installed, can help mitigate/prevent that from happening for your browser).

Notice Regarding Online Behavioral Advertising

This is a standard disclaimer on the advertising front: I allow third party companies to serve ads and/or collect certain anonymous information when you visit this site.  These companies may use non-personally identifiable information (e.g. click stream information, browser type, time and date, subject of advertisements clicked or scrolled over) during your visits to this and other Web sites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services likely to be of greater interest to you.  These companies typically use a cookie or third party web beacon to collect this information.  To learn more about this behavioral advertising practice visit the NAI at  To opt-out of this type of advertising, you can visit Generally, I don’t control the advertising until after-the-fact, and I don’t accept advertising from individual wine brands (so if you see any, it’s because Google served it up and I’ve yet to filter it out!).


The Fine Print

This site is licensed under Creative Commons. Content may be used for non-commercial use only; no modifications allowed; attribution required in the form of a statement "originally published by 1WineDude" with a link back to the original posting.

Play nice! Code of Ethics and Privacy.

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