Keep Those Fedoras Handy (Adventuring Beyond Barbera In Monferrato)

Vinted on December 20, 2018 binned in Italian Wine
Raiders Monferrato

We’ve finally (!) come to the end of my first go-round with the Monferrato Barbera folks over at Hard to believe that initial Barbera gig has finished (though I may be working with the Piedmontese in other capacities in the new year – stay tuned).

In my final piece in the Barbera Moves series, I urge you to kind of ignore Barbera; temporarily, at least. To put that ostensibly odd stance in proper context, here’s a brief quote (and yeah, I am quoting myself):

Barbera is the “gateway drug” to the rest of Piedmont. Barbera is a bridge that starts an adventure into the history, land, people, and tastes that make up such compelling and unique wines as Ruchè, Grignolino, Albarossa.


Anyway… for the full farewell take, grab your whip, fedora, and sense of adventure, then head over to the MNiB site and start reading.






  • Bob Henry

    Dude, I’m still playing catch-up.

    Did you cover ?

    • Bob Henry

      [I am continuing to run into glitches posting comments. Once again.]

      Dude, I’m still playing catch-up.

      Did you cover Nizza Monferrato wines?

      • 1WineDude

        I worked with them for promotion that they did as part of a US-focused program/video series/website.

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