A Champion Is Crowned: The 2012 1WD Petite Sirah Taste-Off Finals

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In a thrilling, tightly-fought contest, the 2009 Frank Family Vineyards SJ Vineyard Reserve Petite Sirah was crowned Champion of the 2012 1WineDude.com Petite Sirah Taste-Off tournament, edging out its Napa neighbor rival in the finals, the 2007 Stanton Vineyards Petite Sirah.

The contest was widely dubbed “The Slapper Down In Napa” by the press, since both finalists hailed from California’s Napa Valley winemaking region.

“Wow… just… wow!” Frank Family’s violet aromas told reporters when asked about its game MVP award-winning performance during the bought. “You know, we were favored, but a lot of people maybe thought that we were too big, that the tannins and alcohol would hog the ball… but we played like a team today!” the MVP remarked as it choked back tears of joy.

Stanton Vineyards Petite Sirah had been a meaty, deep and demanding wine throughout the tournament, widely agreed that it lived up to its $40 SRP ranking, and garnering a reputation as the “George Foreman” of the field of sixteen: stocky, focused and powerful.

But it wasn’t enough against the highly-ranked, slightly-favored Frank Family Vineyards PS. Punishing and also powerful – and, at times, criticized as being too flamboyant for its own good – the 2009 Frank Family displayed depth and poise and prettiness in the final round, to augment its power-forward tannin-and-grip game. Like Ali or Michael Jordan, it was just fun to watch it do its thing – and see it win it all.

Both wines insisted that that they’d be going right back to work on the current vintage.

“Win or now win, vines gotta be pruned, and eventually grapes gotta get picked – and crushed,” Frank Family Vineyards PS told reporters at the close of their post-championship press conference.

No stops in Disneyland for these two stalwarts; only a momentary pause to contemplate and appreciate a fleeting moment (or two) of glory…

2009 Frank Family Vineyards SJ Vineyard Reserve Petite Sirah (Napa Valley)
Price: $65
Rating: A-

A wine that only a Petite Sirah fan could love, but fans of big PS wines will certainly love it. Combining punishing grip, hefty body and unabashed vanilla notes with deep plummy fruit and a strong smattering of violet floral notes, this wine will be divisive, and can probably only either be adored or admonished for being unafraid to be up-front, in-your-face Petite Sirah.

2007 Stanton Vineyards Petite Sirah (St. Helena)
Price: $40
Rating: B+

Meaty and deep, Stanton has crafted a wine that demands attention and feels solid, almost stocky in its presentation. Viscous and big, but with soul and complexity, it’s a bit like drinking bacon which is either awesome or crazy depending on your personal preferences.


p.s. – I made this news report up. Any similarities to events or persons real or imaginary is purely coincidental. Also, bottles of wine cannot speak (no matter how many of them you’ve emptied into your throat in one evening).





  • BenP

    Great wine! Petite Sirah is a wonderful varietal. And if you are really into PS, then check out PS I Love You. They are fanatical about petite. Each year they host an event – "Dark & Delicious" – featuring about 40 wineries pouring nothing but Petite Sirah. Included are many restaurants and chocolate purveyers. This is usually held around Valentine's Day in Alameda, CA. It is really amazing the wide spectrum of tastes in Petite Sirah. That is where to find most of them. Great Stuff! Great organization! http://www.psiloveyou.org

    • 1WineDude

      Ben – Indeed. And PS ILY is no stranger to these virtual pages, though I've yet to have the pleasure of attending (soon, I hope!). Cheers.

  • Joel Ohmart

    All hail the champion! You should (if your pallete can handel it) do another one of these soon, very entertaining!

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Joel!

  • gabe

    loved the press conference after the final. that was the most fun i've had reading wine reviews in a long time

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Gabe. Much appreciated!

  • Tom Nicholson

    Wow, so the name "stanton" didn't help them win, eh? (reference to our previous conversation on your http://www.1winedude.com/the-2012-1wd-ca-petite-s… post )

  • Tom Nicholson

    Wow, so the name "stanton" didn't help them win, eh? (reference to our previous conversation on your http://www.1winedude.com/the-2012-1wd-ca-petite-s… post )

    • 1WineDude

      Tom – HA! No, despite the fact that is sounds pretty damn impressive! Like they are friends of the Howells on Gilligan's Island…

  • Tom Nicholson

    I'm not sure why my comments keep showing up twice? I only click the submit comment button once…

    LOL gilligans island

    • 1WineDude

      Tom – looks like this one didn't repeat, so hopefully we're good. GI forever!!! :)

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