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1WineDude TV Episode 4: Cave Dwellers

Vinted on July 30, 2009 binned in 1WineDude TV, best of, interviews

Joe interviews Ted Henry from Jarvis and Prime Cellars in Napa inside the Jarvis wine cave.

But will any trolls or superheroes appear…?




1WineDude in the Media (or “Not a WBC Recap”)

Give an attention whore a chance to make an idiot out of himself… and the results speak for themselves.

At least, that’s what I learned about myself this past week at the 2nd annual American Wine Bloggers Conference.

You’re probably expecting some sort of WBC recap, but I’m saving that (more or less) for 1WineDude TV episodes.  If you really want a recap of (what was a very successful) WBC, there are tons of good ones popping up on the Global Interwebs this week.  I recommend this one from W.R Tish, who I happen to think is totally awesome (and I told him this personally enough times at WBC that he might be considering a restraining order against me for WBC 2010…).  If anyone is wondering why I’ve been posting vids and not writing 2500-word blog posts this week, the technical answer is that I’m on vacation.  Sort of.

Anyway, I did have a point to all of this rambling, but I forgot it so instead I’ll give you an update on some other very cool wine media happenings, all of which highlight just how much of an attention whore I am.

Oh, yeah, they’ll also give you some great info. on wine and wine bloggers…

Read the rest of this stuff »




1WineDude TV Episode 3: My Bestest Buddies at Matthiasson (Sort of)

Vinted on July 27, 2009 binned in 1WineDude TV, best of, interviews

Joe visits Matthiasson in Napa, tastes some groovy wines, and makes some new bestest friends!  Sort of…





Weekly Twitter Wine Mini-Reviews Round-up for 2009-07-25

Vinted on July 25, 2009 binned in wine mini-reviews
  • 08 Penns Woods Traminette (PA): Aromatic, creamy, & surprisingly compex. If they set out to make a simple wine, they failed spectacularly. #
  • 05 Penns Woods Merlot Reserve (PA): Robust & full of dark fruits. Flirting dangerously close to over-extraction, but thoroughly enjoyable. #
  • 07 Penns Woods Chardonnay Reserve (PA): Vanilla, tropical fruit, VG acidity. Might be the best E. Coast Chard. I've EVER tasted. Period. #
  • 07 Christian Moreau Chablis: Racy & tasty. More proof that Chablis is the de facto home of unadorned Chardonnay – purely perfect & a bargain #
  • 08 Pascal Jolivet "Attitude" Sauvignon Blanc (Loire): VG, tart w/ sliced apple & grapefruit dominating. But someone threw some grass in too. #
  • 07 Olivier Leflaive "Les Setilles" Bourgogne Blanc: Big for Burg, but not if you're used to blowsy CA over-oaked monsters. Great w/ scallops #
  • 08 Potel-Aviron Beaujolais Villages: Like a plate of candied berries w/ hibiscus garnish. Easy drinking, easy on the wallet, easy to love. #
  • 08 P45 Rose (Cotes du Rhone): Kind of like eating under-ripe red berries off the vine; simple, fruity, a little dirty, & a guilty pleasure. #
  • 08 Toquade Sauvignon Blanc (Napa Valley): Christine Barbe's triumph of ingenuity over adversity. Vibrant, complex, & delicious. Drink it now #
  • 01 Jarvis Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve (Napa): Black fruit w/ a touch of heavy graphite pencil. Proving that good Napa Cab can age gracefully. #

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