1WineDude TV Episode 36: Not Quite Dead (Why Most Wine Books Don’t Match With eReaders… Yet!)

Vinted on July 12, 2011 binned in 1WineDude TV, book reviews

In this Episode of 1WineDude TV, we’re talking about why wine books are Exhibit A evidence in the case against printed books being dead. Also mentioned is a cool book about hands that’s (mostly) unrelated to wine but that you might want to check out anyway.  Don’t worry, it will all makes sense after you watch.  Maybe.

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  • Stella Hayes

    Joe, I agree with you about the simple & familiar pleasure of reading from books. As much as I have embraced technology, & it seems that I do much of my research and reading from the screen of my Blackberry, I still love carrying a book in my bag and reading it on the train ride to the city. Having said that, I do see myself finally reading all the tomes of philosophy books and the writers whose work I never got to in college, on the portable Kindle. The Kindle will hold all the books that I will someday read. The thought of that is really comforting. It will hold my aspirational reading list.



    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Stella – my experience has been that paperbacks translate wonderfully to the Nook. Coffee table style wine books do not – even in PDF format those are cumbersome (and lack some magic! :). Cheers!

  • Nick

    Ayep, I totally agree. And not just for wine books. E-books are not the same as digital music. I tried the Kindle, I tried the iPad (for reading books), I tried the nook. I still love my iPad, but not for books.

    For me, nothing compares to the speed of use, sensory pleasure, durability, rights of use and passing along, textual fixity, beach/pool compatibility, etc. of a real printed paper book. The advantages of e-books exist, but are mostly for publishers. User benefits like lightweight transport, privacy (e.g. on the train) of what you're reading, search, and the like are just so much weak tea.

    Nice vid.

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Nick! I will say that I LOVE having MP3s and books on the same device, and from time to time use the search and word lookup function on the Nook, and having a few hundred books at my fingertips (several of them wine-related, including some reference items) is great.

      BUT… how enticing are some of the photos in books like the ones I profiled in the vid? Those just do NOT translate to e-ink… YET. Maybe, given time, they will. And if redesigned for back-lit displays and touchscreen devices like iPad, they can translate to some extent to those new devices pretty well. And maybe I am getting old but I do love the smell of a new book…

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