1WineDude TV Episode 35: Pouch Will Survive (Why Cabernet Doesn’t Really Work In Alternative Packaging)

Vinted on June 28, 2011 binned in 1WineDude TV, wine review

In this episode of 1WineDude TV, I share the results of a “field test” of Clif Family Winery’s “The Climber” pouch wine from the 20th annual Summer Solstice Music festival outside of Philly, a charity event for which my band has performed (clips included in the vid) for… well… quite a few of those twenty years! I then wax dime-store-philosophic about why Cabernet Sauvignon in a pouch/box/bag is probably a bad idea (attention box/bag/pouch producers: can we get some Barbera or Gamay in that packaging, please?).

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  • Jeff

    Clever post. Was that a white man’s overbite I detected in your bass groovin’?

  • 1WineDude

    Jeff – thanks; I need to do *something* to partially offset my funkiness, after all! ;-)

  • @clivity

    Have you seen the Bluebird California Pinot in a bag? I was surprised at the quality.

    • 1WineDude

      @clivity – not yet.

      I find the bag-in-a-box reviews difficult, because I'm almost never in a circumstance where it's logistically relevant to sample them. For example, pop it open at home for a few days when not traveling, bring it to a party or event… otherwise, it seems pretty wasteful to open up 3-4 bottles' worth of wine.

      So I've been trying to keep these to a minimum here, especially since the story with so may of them is the same (fresh & fruity and uncomplicated). Once we get decent Barbera or Gamay or similar with wide distro over here in the States, I'll be changing my tune, though. :)


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