1WineDude TV Episode 34: Save Our Children! Also, “Getting” Social Media With Oscar’s 2008 Red

Vinted on June 2, 2011 binned in 1WineDude TV, crowd pleaser wines

In this episode, I chastise Vinos Navarra for making extra work for me (sort of), and profile Portuguese producer Oscar Quevedo‘s unique approach to wine and social media (quick review of one of his latest below after the vid), which seems to jive pretty well with the style of consumer engagement that Gary V. championed in our recent interview from the Nomacorc wine marketing symposium at Napa’s CIA.

2008 Oscar’s Red Wine (Douro)
Rating: B
Price: $14

Talk about robust.  And peppery, too, with a ton of black fruit that has concentration but isn’t screaming at you about its over-ripeness.  It’s a solid effort, and pretty much exactly what you’d expect from the Douro but with a friendlier, approachable streak, without at all being ponderous.  For sure this is a wine tailor-made for the grill (the closer you get to steak territory with this, the better).






  • jakub_malecki

    i need to try the wine and check out it's social media profiles! that's a kind of good wine marketing!

    great blog! i'll be checking out regularly!

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, jakub!

  • Kayla Koroush

    I was at the Gary V key note speech at the Napa CIA, met you as well in fact. Thanks for sharing the Oscar wine, very cool marketing technique Gary would totally approve. If you really hate that book so much you can send it to me after your daughter is tired of it although if your making new stories out of it everyday that might not come to pass. Take Care!
    Regards, Kayla L. Koroush

    • 1WineDude

      Ha! Thanks, Kayla. By the way, you are making an appearance here on 1WD in a week or two, in reference to your appearance at that Nomacroc conference! Cheers!

      • Kayla Koroush

        Really?!? When?

        • 1WineDude

          Kayla – soon… next week I think.

  • Robert McIntosh

    Love the end of the film – nice one! By the way, in case no-one has pointed it out yet, I believe the characters in the book may be from Kukuxumusu (http://www.kukuxumusu.com/index.php/en/)

    • 1WineDude

      Thanks, Robert! You are correct, the character is indeed from Kukuxumusu. And he still looks like Timmy from Timmy Time!!!

  • Michael

    Great Post Joe- As we work with Oscar importing his Douro wine (as well as the family's port wines!), I can happily say that Oscar's Wine has been well received here in the US thus far. Thank you so much for the post as this is exactly what Oscar intended with his wine- the use of social media to receive direct feedback from the consumer. Oscar's is available in limited markets (PA being on of them) but it is available online through EDM wines (http://bit.ly/jXECzs). As Oscar intended, please grab a bottle to share with your friends and send him a tweet with your opinion!
    Cheers- Michael
    P.S.- keep your eyes open for Oscar's Douro White to hit U.S. soil soon!

  • Michael

    So true Joe, so true!! Take note ladies-nice guys CAN finish first!!!

    • 1WineDude

      Caution guys: don't be *too* nice, though! ;-)

  • Oscar Quevedo

    Hey Joe, thank you for mention my wine on your blog! Surprisingly, or not, it is in your home state that Oscar's has been selling better!

    • 1WineDude

      Hey Oscar – thanks for making a tasty wine. And I'm glad that it's selling well in Pennsylvania despite me featuring it here! :-)

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