1WineDude.com TV Episode 50: When You Turn Purple (Go Inside The Haro Wine Battle 2012!)

Vinted on July 10, 2012 binned in 1WineDude TV, on the road

In this (the fiftieth!) episode of 1WineDude TV, I take a few hundred years of bizarre Rioja wine tradition head-on, and live to tell about it (though my clothes clearly get the worst of things), as part of my recent jaunt to the Rioja winemaking region with Vibrant Rioja.

Herein, you will witness a great deal of wine (don’t worry, it wasn’t Gran Reserva, trust me) being spilled on (probably drunken and/or quite hungover) Spaniards, a little bit of questionable behavior by said Spaniards (sorry, couldn’t resist including that moment, because I’m just not nice enough of a guy), and a whole lot of fun being had by all.

And yes, I know the video is crazy, shaky (it was a wine wartime correspondence, after all) and hazy (the camera was wrapped in a hotel shower cap for its protection – and yours, I think – for reasons that will become very obvious once you start watching). So… go easy on the camera-people, and enjoy!

1WineDude.com TV Episode 50: Haro Wine Battle 2012!






  • WineHarlots

    (I especially thought the camera-work in the open sequence was award-worthy!)
    I think this needs to be an annual event for the Top Wine Bloggers — hey, maybe we can get Jancis and Bobby to join in!

    • 1WineDude

      WH – talk about epic! ;-)

  • Richard Jennings

    Oh the humanity!
    Thanks for catching me in one of the least macho moments of my lifetime (and there have been many).
    Brings back fun memories.

    • 1WineDude

      RJ – thanks for being such a good sport! :) I'm ready for the 2013 battle. Only with slightly less food…

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