Lone Vineyards, Italian Trivia, 100 Bottles, And Steel Rods (May 2015 Answers Article Roundup)

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You want more Wine.Answers.com article madness, peeps?


Well, too f*ckin’ bad! Because here’s the Wine.Answers.com article roundup for the month!

Wine Product Review: Mooma Wine Chill Rod

Hmm. Well… I was divided on this one. The Mooma has three functions, none of which it excels at performing, BUT… if you don’t already have a pourer/aerator/chiller and are tight on storage space, the price makes it compelling.

Wine Book Review: “A Vineyard In Napa” by Doug Shafer

I’d been meaning to review “A Vineyard in Napa” for some time now. As in, like, more than a year. So I’m happy to finally have had an opportunity to enjoy it and to talk about it, as it’s well-written and deftly avoids being a long Shafer commercial. There’s actually some conflict (imagine that… in a wine book!), and it does a nice job of following the development of Napa Valley and the Stags Leap District as broader settings to the Shafer foundation story.

Three Things That You Didn’t Know About Soave

Look, it’s getting warmer in the States, which means you ought to at least be thinking about drinking more Soave, right?!??

Wine Book Review: “The History of Wine in 100 Bottles” By Oz Clarke

Ah, the irrepressible Oz Clarke, who manages to somehow be British and yet a part slightly removed from full-on, dry-as-a-bone British humor. The narrative of “The History of Wine in 100 Bottles” often seems as though it’s about to go totally off the rails, and yet never does, and Clarke manages to hit a surprisingly large volume of detail about the key moments in wine history in a short space.






  • MyrddinGwin

    Hey, Dude,
    Have you read Oz Clarke’s and Margaret Rand’s book “Grapes & Wines”? Personally, it’s one of my favourite books, even though it’s mostly a reference book. The entry for Seyval Blanc has one of my favourite lines in any book: “The fact that the EU would like to stop England using it is merely proof, for some, of a French-inspired conspiracy against poor old Blighty.” If Margaret Rand were responsible for that line instead of Oz Clarke, I feel that she’d’ve done an impeccable Oz Clarke impersonation.

    • 1WineDude

      MG – HA! That’s awesome. Further proof that you either just “get” Oz, or you don’t, I suppose. Can you imagine an editor letting that kind of line slip by into most of the insipid wine writing that’s prevalent right now? I can’t.

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